November 3rd, 2015


Hallow's Dusking


Nox Arcana: Gothic
L A.S. Monolith Graphics. Genre: Classical, Instrumental, Gothic.
1. Testament 2. Grimstone Manor 3. Ashes To Ashes 4. Forgotten By Time 5. The Portrait Gallery 6. Into The Darkness 7. Familiar Haunts 8. The House Beyond The Graveyard 9. Unhallowed Halls 10. The Doll House 11. Melancholy Memories 12. Stir Of Shadows 13. Dark Realms 14. Beyond The Forbidden Gate 15. In The Blood 16. The Beast Within 17. The Black Crypt 18. Wake The Dead 19. The Others 20. Rise Of The Ancestors 21. Dark Surrender
Nox Arcana: GOTHICThe sun goes down...

One of this year's sublime treats arrives shortly before Halloween - like opening One's Trick-or-Treat bag at the Gates of Hell contained within a Gothic Mansion, with the beauty on the cover as your guide to the lambent hallways within. A most welcoming environment.

This offering seems a compendium of haunted attractions contained into one opus - a blissfully phantasmagorical scarescape where each shadowy chamber yields another familiar beautiful nightmare, in both instrumentation and theme; a morbid combination of horrors. A phantom voice beckons one on to accept one's heritage, as spectral whispers have done one's entire life.

Some resonant orchestrations with Testament & The Black Crypt alluding to The Haunted Mansion theme with oboe and melody; with The Portrait Gallery reminiscent of Danse Macabre. Of course, the title Wake The Dead reminds One of that stimulating traditional Addams game upon Samhain night.

Warlock, Vampire, Beast, GOTHIC is ideal for spookhouse presentations as well as personal atmospheric enhancement the year through.

Behold The Key...

By the light of the harvest bloodmoon, Grimstone Manor contains many secrets, unlocked to reveal undead ancestral treasures long dormant. Dare enter to haunt and be haunted. ∞