November 2nd, 2015


What Philosophical School of Thought are you in?

Hedonists believe life is for living to the max. This means doing what feels good without regard for consequences in another life or from a supernatural force. Pleasure above virtue.

In which case I prefer to be Epicurean. Responsible indulgence with all the fine pleasures of the flesh in order to indulge again, according to My own desires for the mutual gratification of those who share these myriad delights with Me. Interestingly enough, the image resembles Myself without goatee. ∞


Halloween contemplations


ITEM: Celebrating Halloween causes an increase in occult activity and makes children feel suicidal, declare Vatican exorcists

Yes, Halloween is indeed The Devil's Holiday, and does not want Christians corrupting its purity. For instance, depositing propaganda tracts into the trick or treat bags of children; in which case, such houses should be forthwith "TP'd", especially if they are not even accompanied with candy. THE NERVE. All they ever do is try to water down the hellday with lame displays and events like so-called "Hallelujah Night", and such, give them a "Hellelujah Night" to remember in response!

So on this, I agree with this proclamation for the correct reasons. As to claims of an increase in insomnia and mental illness, the previous may not necessarily be true, for the individual may be in fact a noctiphile and selenophile, and otherwise have a favorable graveyard shift. Ironically, those attracted to such blindlight religions tend to be intellectually bereft and mentally deficient with severe emotional issues, psychological problems, and otherwise mindless habits and stale traditions, hypocrites, and adhering in name only to such unnatural religions, while the white wolves profit from their enslavement.

"Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!" - 9th Satanic Statement.

And they're not about to give that up. In fact, whenever possible, they will continue to exploit fears, as they have done throughout their sordid history.

Hypothetically, the mentally ill who would be drawn towards The Occult are big business for the Roman Catholic Church via these 'exorcists', and leave such interests eventually in favor of the other side of the paradigm. Basically, posers seeking attention. They can take those - we don't want them; so in this sense, they are beneficial in caring for the mentally ill with stuporstitious mytheo-illogical pseudo-psychology.

Halloween may spark an interest in a child for the aesthetic resonance, the acquisition of confectionery delights, and donning costumes, creating an overall adventurous night of spooky amusement, which may or may not inspire further exploration into the realms of The Occult. If so, it would be a natural gravitation thereunto - if not, then it may be enjoyed merely for fun and games. The former may be a Satanist upon the discovery of The Satanic Bible, and a Horror fan, while the latter may just blend in with the rest of the herd upon adolescence and further.

Halloween is for spectacle & evocation, with every costume and mask a face of Satan, a balanced, healthy expression of the Shadow Side within, and every utterance of 'Trick or Treat', a veritable Hail Satan, and every candied treat enjoyed a veritable Communion with The Devil, as a nod to carnal indulgence, and the stimulating Magic & Mystery of the black earth and the dark side of mind. ∞

Catholeaks. Seemingly immediate reciprocation for criticism of Halloween, The Devil's own Birthday/Hellday.

ITEMS: Goober flies into sign | Doofus bites it like a cartoon character

Ichabod Crane chased by The Headless Horseman? That is one goofy-looking sucker.

Funny how none of the negative aspects are discussed at all - seems like impatience and a bad attitude likely contributed to his fate, as well as cocaine possession - "road rage", as it were, as he was apparently tailgating the other car, probably attempting to intimidate the occupants, when he clipped their back fender and spun out of control, launching the poor goon into the sign.

Interesting to note that Devil's Gate & The Colorado Suicide Bridge are just a short ways further, not to mention the prevalent nefarious reputation of Griffith Park overall. On Devil's Night, perhaps a veritable "sacrifice" was required of certain Demonic Forces to initiate Helloween after all, and open Hallow's Gate portal. Perhaps he seemed the most likely candidate at the time.

Paradoxically, an archaic Matagh sacrifice was performed by his family for him just a couple of weeks prior to this incident, yet it seems that perhaps HE became the sacrifice after all.

Beware those who travel by Devil's Gate 'neath the full moon and on Hallow's Eve, for the Lurkers at the Threshold seek The Key...