October 30th, 2015


Master Krampus

I found it interesting that George Noory abruptly concluded the interview [10:55] with Brom because he became offended and shocked about the nature of The Krampus, who is essentially a boogie-man and disciplinarian, to scare deserving kids into behaving, to not act like little bullies and overall trouble-makers, then 'growing up' to be abusers and assorted criminals. This is assuredly what is needed now more than ever, considering the apparent inability and/or unwillingness of erstwhile "parents" to take responsibility of their spawn and keep them in line. Such pussy-llanimousness will not do, and only breeds cowards on both ends. This is one of the reasons that parenting should require a license, and otherwise refrain from breeding, or eventually face sterilization.

Not to mention current excessive PC sensitivities and odd societal child obsession. The Krampus represents just punishment for misbehavior, with the brambles, switch, whips & chains representative of the belt, hand, board, or shoe*. He is a draconian teacher of harsh lessons where the notion of his presence should be enough to stifle boorishness, irresponsible behavior, forcing those inclined to think twice or thrice before acting stupidly. Corporal punishment has always been a necessary ingredient in shaping character, instruction, guidance, and serving as a preventative measure of warning as well.

Most children tend to be loud, obnoxious, rude, and not too bright - and I'll add ugly as well. Not too "cute" or charming at all, with few exceptions. Just small versions of their defective progenitors, breeding out more inferior organisms. On the other clawed hand, sometimes there is that precious 1% where one can just tell the child is more evolved than the others, more intelligent, creative, sensitive, and behaved. These are to be preserved & propitiated, while the others must be kept in their place. It becomes quickly apparent which is witch, and should therefore be trick-or-treated accordingly.

Krampus is a necessary figure to promote civility, just as "Evil" is a catalyst for change. Respect and positive attitude adjustment through fear, and if necessary, pain. If consideration, deportment, intelligence, reason, and plain sense is devoid, then dark figures like uncle & brother Krampus, and other appreciated boogiemen can be crucial assets to parents, and should be summoned whenever needs be. ∞

Hail Krampus!

* In a completely other sense, The Krampus may even represent certain fetishistic indulgences for those so inclined. And as such, perhaps Krampusnacht should expand into international BDSM Day.