August 30th, 2015



Spotted outside a market and across the street from a Masonic Lodge. Random xian retards making a foolish spectacle of themselves, with distinctive moronic painted brainwashed smiles. Perhaps passive-aggressive antagonism towards the Masons, and otherwise general eyesore nuisance.

"Jesus Team A", or the best the nazarene cult can do, and otherwise "Jesus Te Ama", English translation of "Jesus Loves You", and I'm sure they wish 'he' would, in their dreams. ∞


Pleasant Screams


An immortal Horror Nucleus has stepped into the darkness while His varied manifestations continue to haunt dreams and nightmares of those he has frightened, entertained, and inspired. His films are a journey into the darkest recesses of the psyche, where there are no limits, and the most darkly fantastical take form upon that mirrored screen which reflects and projects inner and outer demons exercised.

Touched by The Devil, from the quintessential boogieman of Freddy Krueger {a Shadowmancer personified}, through to the diabolical pacts of the wickedly wonderful Djinn demon of Wishmaster, the psychopathic brutality of The Last House on The Left, the rustic terror of The Hills Have Eyes, to the cultic psychological torments of The Serpent & The Rainbow, and the likened legendry of Count Dracula, Craven continues to cast an infernal light onto the darkened mirror of the imagination, to be forever appreciated.


  • The Nightmare on Elm Street series. From one adventure to another, the gleefully Evil Krueger tortures his victims with such devilishly delightful aplomb.
  • Invitation To Hell. Dare to feel the burn with a devil cult doubling as an elite hellth club for leaders.
  • The Last House on The Left. A fleeing group of homicidal criminals rape and kill several kidnapped bimbos.
  • The Hills Have Eyes. A wholesomely-programmed family of herd drones are plagued by a group of marauding hellbillies. Features the endearing characterizations of Michael Berryman.
  • Wishmaster. Highly recommended demonic presentation.
  • The Serpent & The Rainbow. Along with White Zombie & The Believers, the film remains a prime evocative presentation for Voodoo horror.
  • Deadly Blessing. Ernest Borgnine {The Devil's Rain; Corbis} portrays a Puritanical Hittite cult leader who does not take kindly to sinful outsiders.
  • The Twilight Zone {Shatterday/A Little Peace and Quiet}.
  • Dracula 2000.
Birthday: August 2. ∞

Pleasant nightmares, Reign In Hell.