August 19th, 2015

Hell Gate

The way to god... the way to suck eggs

Another addition to THE BOOK OF BLINDLIGHT:

This one is a somewhat more comprehensive cartoon chronology of the christian myth, from laying the original guilt trip of "sin", being expelled from the "Garden of Eden", and a messiah coming forth to save them, like bait-and-switch, somewhat reminiscent of a drug dealer making a junkie dependent, then offering a "cure"; counting on initiating a paranoia or hysteria, making the weak of mind beLIEve they must be saved from the Evils of The Devil, in a sort of religious hypochondria; a fictional salve. Typical fundamentalist white wolf exploitation of the sheeple, preying upon the mentally feeble and ill. ∞


Crucible of The Infernum


BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY: Crucible of The Infernum
BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY: Crucible of The Infernum
L A.S. Hell's Headbangers Records. Genre: Deathrash Metal.

Traversing the levels of Hell, The Devil's Mayhem yields the Dragon arising through the Crucible of the Infernum in fury and unholy wrath. Along with the principles of Malefic Musick consideration, this opus fulfills the 666 points of The Beast 'HatEviLust'.

  • Musick: Relentless, demonspeed launching as fiery darts across The Black Earth, into brain and body, strengthening with Abysmal Power, and inspiring possessed sinsation of infernal bliss.
  • Aesthetics: Gaze into The Pit to witness this impressive rendering of transmutating souls swirling in the nightmarish nether regions, courtesy of horror artist Juanjo Castellano Rosado. The CD itself displays the Demon unleashed by playing this composition.
  • Lyricks: The booklet opens like a portal where three shadowy robed ghouls* emerge to deliver your hellish hymnal.
    I. Imperium of the Lawless One: The principle of Divide & Conquer - infiltrate, wolf in sheep's clothing, exacerbate, imitate, subjugate, manipulate; so-called "blasphemy of the holy ghost", and alludes to 'The Abomination of Desolation'.
    II. Icons of Revolt: Rebellion which leads to pleasure and independence, the indulgence of lusts and sweet perversity sublime. Revolution that brings forth Devilution, to evolve in pure Satanic grace.
    III. From Crypts of Bloodlust: Grants the impression of the plot from The Satanic Rites of Dracula, with an apocalyptic vampiric theme - immortal evil triumphant laying waste detractors and victims, often one in the same.
    IV. The Crippler (Sodom cover): An anthem of brutality of a veritable demonic gladiator crushing all who dare defy.
Truly in league with The Devil, Blasphemic Cruelty features the thunderous reverberations of Gina Ambrosio {"Drum Witchery & Clandestine Assassinations"}, the genre's foremost female drumming talent; Alex Blume {"Seismic Terror & Deathly Curses"}, and Gene Palubicki {"Voltaic Poison & Howling Wretchery"}. If you appreciate fiercely wicked skullcrushing possession, this opus will be well pleasing. A Mighty supplement to The Devil's Mayhem {XLII}. ∞

* Reminiscent of Tombs of The Blind Dead. Lyrics for The Crippler not included.