August 16th, 2015


Dewey Death Wish


This writing is to keep a record of some of the apparent plagiarism initiated by one John Dewey Allee upon The Shadowmantium, & the person of Draconis Blackthorne, in aesthetics, iconography, and terminology. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but this was almost an impersonation, and credit should be granted where it is due.

Formerly known as "Lord Egan", Allee would begin his assimilation with naming the brand of Magic & philosophy he was espousing the "Shadow Tradition" while utilizing the Omnigram to symbolize it, as well as naming his videographic resource Shadow Vision. All one has to do is view some of the graphics used in an attempt to create a certain diabolical Draconian mood. He grew a black mane and donned sunglasses to assume a more sinister & impressive 'Gothic' presentation. Never met nor communicated with the man, but it was obvious to anyone the attempted similitude involved.

Other offenses included attempts at the defamation of character upon other prominent Satanists, negative fictional allegations about Church of Satan history, and supporting the scurrilous efforts of antagonists Nikolas & Zeena Schreck.

Though I did not formerly Curse this individual, he may have done so to himself due to the plethora of provocations and uncalled-for gratuitous disturbances he enacted. In short, bringing it upon himself, though punishment would be merited.


My assessment is that he thought My persona was stimulating enough to imitate for his own gain, almost like he wanted to be a version of Me to those outside the Church of Satan. Considering his disposition, he may have harbored an infatuation which may have manifested in this manner. In which case it would be complementary, though disconcerting. ∞

* Related: Obituary. Considering a previous faked death stunt, the news has been verified.