August 9th, 2015


Tombstone [DIABLO] Pizza


Tombstone [DIABLO] Pizza

Tombstone Limited Edition [DIABLO] Pizza
Spicy chorizo, jalapeños, sweet red peppers with real Wisconsin mozzarella cheese and fiery sriracha tomato sauce.

On this balmy night with the sounds of natives echoing up from the nearby town, evocative scents, sights, and sounds permeate the air. I Am amused with Rollo's insertion of this limited edition Tombstone [DIABLO] Pizza into the infernal Hellmouth {oven} for tonight's repast, accompanied by a side of salad and cheesy croutons {pictured}.

Now, I do regularly add sriracha to most meals, and especially enjoy it on pizza pies, but this version promises sriracha added right in already, but added some anyway - I do enjoy My hot sauce, along with a topping of salad thereunto as well, making it "California style". Anyway, I found it to be pretty good, with the sriracha sauce cooked into the chorizo meat primarily {pork sausage}, with a subtle spice that creeps up on the taste buds. I would rate the spice level at a 1/5, so add more as desired. It somewhat alludes to Lucifer's Pizza, and the strategically placed cactus resembling a pitchfork at top center is a nice touch.

In the wake of the yearly emergence of Tombstone Halloween Pizzas, this makes a fitting addition - now perhaps a character that shall be added will be a Devil this year... ∞

Rating: 4/5.

Hellmouth Oven

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

JIF Peanut Butter cereal


Whether soaking in milk for breakfast or alone as a snackrifice, perhaps as part of a combination {berries, bananas, raisins, etc.}, this cereal is quite delicious, and also happens to accompany ice cream well. For those who appreciate peanut butter, on sand witches or as buttercups, this is well pleasing. They are in the shape of hardware nuts, so whether or not that is an inside joke is outstanding.

Though monster cereals are preferred, and perhaps one may be created with this favored flavor, it serves well to enjoy until those are available again. Come to think of it, there is no as of yet peanut butter flavored monster cereal, or character to go along with it. I propose either a mad scientist {"nuts"}, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde {maybe peanut butter/chocolate combination}, King Kong {apes love peanuts as well as bananas}, or even a Devil...

There's a recipe for peanut butter balls on the back as well as a maze in the shape of a peanut, if just to trace about during an early meal, or any time of day or night. ∞