August 2nd, 2015


Bonoble Choco Pie bars


Guest Review

Marshmallow Choco Pie (Bonoble)
By: Turbo Boy! (Michael David)

These tasty snacks are marshmallow inside cake, covered in chocolate! The chocolate outside is soft, yet flaky, like you would imagine latex paint would be if it were tasty chocolate. The cake is a chewy, spongy white cake, and the mallow is nice and stretchy. (Just be careful to avoid the wollup when trying to gross out your sister with it!) The wrapper is easy to open with nubby fingers, and the cakes are small enough to take adventuring. Which I like, because I go adventuring a lot!

The bad part is that they get hard to eat if they get all melty or flat. But they still taste good! When I eat them, I find they are gone too soon. But there's more in the box, so it's ok. Even with the bad points, they are still good to eat and share with friends. You should get them if you see them at the store! (But only if you like mallow, cake and chocolate.)

* Overall score: 4/5 Thumbs up!
* Pairs well with: Nanners, Tiki Punch.

Michael David
Michael David, A.K.A., "Turbo Boy".