July 6th, 2015


A Moss to The Flame

The Strange Case of Jason Moss

poserJason Moss was fascinated with serial killers whereupon his college thesis, decided to interview several from a victim's perspective. Researching their crimes, fetishes, interests, forming a profile with which to engage their curiosity, like a sheep to a wolf or a rabbit to a snake who thought they were clever enough to enter the predator's lair and emerge unscathed. Seemingly gaining their "trust" {or perhaps allowing him to believe that}, he thought he could delve deeper into their psychology then any prior, but this came with a price to get up close and personal.

Moss and John Wayne Gacy

Using himself as veritable bait, like lowering himself into "Hell", he pretended to be John Wayne Gacy's perfect victim. Posing as the head of a "Black Magic Cult" in "$in ₵ity" Las Vergas, and erstwhile 'disciple', he met with and interviewed Richard Ramirez. He also wrote to Charles Manson {much of which was scribbled poems}, Jeffrey Dahmer {who requested compromising photographs}, Henry Lee Lucas {who gave him tips on being a proficient serial killer}, and others. Correspondence would eventually be compiled into a book entitled "The Last Victim", which became a best-seller, serving as eustress for the masses, gained international attention in the media, and inspired a film named "Dear Mr. Gacy".

As to be expected, he claimed to be traumatized by Gacy's mental manipulations where he visited on two separate occasions, perhaps with a ruse for salacious involvement, until the situation turned for the worst. Could much more have occurred there in that cell when the guard turned away and cameras deflected than is being related? Perhaps Moss did indeed develop an albeit subconscious masochistic affection for Pogo The Clown after all.

Moss and The Nightstalker

Ramirez allegedly requested that he keep a girl caged and tortured under his directions. Perhaps due to his ongoing research on The Nightstalker, he delved into occult subjects in order to pretend at likened dispositions, but was not prepared to handle the psychological forces unleashed from the shadow side of the mind.

It is also to be expected that this pretensions & exploitations probably angered his new found pen-pals once it was discovered and he scampered off.

Afterwards, Moss would have stints with the Secret Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms, then eventually became a defense attorney, though still haunted by his interactions with the infamous killers.

Overall, the cost of his assimilation? DEATH. Moss shot himself in the head on the diabolical date of The Beast. Ironically, he became the "last victim" by his own hand, or perhaps inspired by another? Seems that 6/6/06 did take a "sacrifice" after all... ∞

666/999 - Full Circle?: Interesting side note that the book was published in '1999' c.e., while he died on '6/6/06' c.e.


Do you know too much? / Sex song / Political age / Personality color

Do You Know Too Much?


Your mind is like a huge storage and you never forget anything! TRUE.
You love to learn and discover new things, and fortunately for you, you remember every detail of it forever. TRUE, although I may prefer to suppress certain details that may not be particularly pertinent, though accessed if desired.
You know how to pronounce and even spell Benedict Cumberbatch, TRUE, but who cares? Just another processed poser.
you know what Capital city of Netherlands is and we promise, if you go to the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game show - you'll win! TRUE. I have considered such things, utilizing trivial knowledge to garner monetary accumulation, and it may just be an option if I get a wild hair about it.

Which Song Should Be Your Sex Anthem?


Listen to this song, though we're willing to bet you've most certainly heard it before. It is, quite possibly, the most seductive song of it's kind ever written. We're not saying you prefer them, but you are a master of the one night stand. Not in any malicious way, either. It's just... for you, sex is really... really fun. And you just so happen to like having it and manage to be a seductive individual yourself. Funny how that works, huh?

Very true - I do like to sexperiment with as many that I consider attractive as possible. Indeed, Sex is Play and should always be fun. I do like that song as well. I tend to initiate sex play that the lover may never have considered before, and perhaps may never since, yet remains memorable to them perpetually. "I never knew people did this!" {which most probably do not}. Frequent & passionate, I have been complementarily called a nymphomaniac. Sex freak, pervert, etc.

Can We Identify Your Age Based On Your Political Opinions?


You must be around 26 years old! You have a young, optimistic and hopeful attitude about the world. You are very liberal when it comes to most issues, especially social and economic ones. Things like social justice, human rights and the environment are very important to you. You consider yourself a pacifist and activist. It's a good thing you're so passionate because your generation is the next one to take over the world!

Actually, I care little about Politics on some anthropic scale, and consider what works for Me, regardless of whatever affiliation. But I do have a personal variation I call Daemonocracy and Legis Draconum, expounded upon in The Devil's Scroll.

A Renowned Psychologist Says There Are 4 Personality Types Based On 4 Colors. Which Are You?

You Are RED!
You have a RED personality! According to Dr. Carol Ritberger, this means that you're a "just get it done" kind of person. You are driven, competitive, and you like to be in control. You are very action-oriented, and you appreciate efficiency. Dr. Ritberger adds that as a Red, you typically hold stress and tension in your lower back.