May 21st, 2015

winged skull, vampire, predator

Vampiric Transferrence


The next time while engaging in Vampyric Communion, perhaps you may wish to bring your familiar into the space in order to transfer some of the prana unto them for healing and/or longevity purposes.

  • I. While drawing the life force, simply expel a portion with a soft exhalation into the solar plexus and back of the head.

  • II {A}. Reserve a gem {bloodstone, ruby, or black opal as appropriate} to imbue with life force, that they may wear it upon their collar, absorbing energy with wear.

  • {B}. Otherwise reserve their own personal dedicated Altar / Shrine inclusive of familiar with receptive talisman that has been charged during Communion. It shall steadily release life force into them.

  • III {A}. Similar applications for human loved ones; I.e., draw energy at Communion, transfer unto loved one, either directly with soft steady breathing upon either direct afflicted area, and/or heart, head, and belly chakra energy points.

  • {B}. Transference can also be combined with direct hand placement upon afflicted area or hand in hand, wherein visualization directive is initiated.

Ideal Victim/s: 1. Criminals, especially any who may be related to the situation; i.e., their life force withdrawal as justified reciprocation. 2. Voluntary donors of strong constitution. ∞