May 4th, 2015


So what do we have here?

Someone apparently dropped this on the far side of the porch and ran off, which is both amusing and preferable. I Am reminded of the scene in Omen 4 wherein Delia chases off the proselytizers with Ryder.

So, since the question is posed, "Is the end near?" Yes, for christinsanity and the like, as it continues to diminish in favor of Atheism until it shrivels up into a small death cult sub-culture from whence it came with no political influence; but it will continue to attract the weak of mind, until even those too will be relegated to asylums; especially literalist fundamentalists, while the rest continue to fade into a pseudo facsimile of its arcane origins until it essentially becomes non-existent or just completely mundane, and of course then, it would no longer be christianity; and the latter is more often the case now anyway.

Amusingly, these also now come with inserts called Awake, and this one is about the homeless and the poor, which are one of their primary kaboodles. Guilt inducements to manipulate people into forking over money, which may or may not actually end up helping the wretches in question, who may only receive a small portion of whatever 'donation', with a sizable potion going to supplement pastors' opulent lifestyles. It seems to Me that if someone necessitates that feeling of altruism, it would be better dispensed more directly through volunteer work, and otherwise straight to the wastrels themselves, where the funds can be witnessed. But being that charities are big business as a financial function of taxless churches, it is a simple matter to hoodwink the flock. Plus, many indigents remain so out of choice for free benefits. Those who truly necessitate aid remain so temporarily to become responsible citizens and join the herd fray, so in these cases, it is beneficial. Otherwise, nature would see to it that social parasites are eliminated from the gene pool.

Preserved now in a propaganda album for an abyssal chuckle once in awhile. ∞