April 24th, 2015





Dogym [dO-jim]: Dojo + Gymnasium; Part dojo, part gym.*

From formative experience, I recall that most dojos are comprised of mostly a mat training area, with minimal to no weight equipment available, and otherwise one would have to go to a separate gymnasium location to access free weights and machines. Traditional dojos are also comprised of a temple shrine.

I recall there being a bench press in the back of one of the dojos I was attending, and that was about it. However, the Martial Arts are complemented by weight training. The merging of two art forms.

Usually, a dojo is comprised of a mat area, weapon displays, punching bags, padded punching/kicking surfaces, stretching bar, and sometimes a rubber or foam dummy {not to mention a seating area with a bench and/or chairs}. It may sometimes be decorated with a portrait of sensei/s and flags; while a gymnasium features weight machines, free weights cardiovascular exercise machines, sometimes portraits of bodybuilding champions, and both tend to have a mirrored wall for self-scrutiny and otherwise pride.

Total Environment Dogym

A personal, private Dogym is preferable at One's Lair, either a room, porch, or yard area, with the Aristotelian Lyceum option of outdoors training in nature {with hiking, Constitutionals, bicycling, or jogging as a cardiovascular option, rather than running in circles inside of a building, unless it is the most practical option}. Also see Hellemental Activities for further suggestions.

The dogym may be decorated with whatever particular, or combinations of themes one deems preferable, anything from Asian to Norse Viking, a Baphomet banner to personal sigil tapestries; ASP Apparel is a good source for banners & pennants, and otherwise consult your local Martial Arts Supply Shoppe and dojos for equipment, gis, tabis, weapons, and decor. There are mats of various colors as well.

Hypothetically, a Satanic Dogym would reflect the owner, but it would never be just merely utilitarian. It may be elegant, with an ornate full length mirror and black mat, carpet, or rug with demon bells {and otherwise interchangeable dumbbells & barbells}, a combination weight machine, a weapons display, prominent Baphomet and Pentagram banners, statuary, portraits, etc. If outdoors, with appropriate gear employed.


A Dogym would also be inclusive of a shrine for meditation {perhaps with a framed picture or statuette of Sabbatic Baphomet, inspirational figures, etc.}, which could be indoors and/or outdoors, preferably by a trickling stream and/or pond. Otherwise combining The Duskening would also be ideal. ∞
Shinobi Kanji


*Also define backwards to determine propensities. Remember, xianity & Martial Arts do not mix.


Satan bust


On this overcast April date, a mere six to Walpurgisnacht Sabbath, I was pleasantly surprised to finally receive order #1666 - the Satan bust from Arkham Studios, and it is splendid.

Highly detailed and rendered in a stone black finish, on a trapezoid base festooned with a plaque bearing the mighty name of Satan in arcane English script, the filigree on the foundational base gives the impression of cloven hoofs, as the flames of Hell swirl about Him as He looks on imperiously from atop a bookcase, and is quite a nice complement to The Noctuary as is the Magus LaVey statue, especially after a hellemental benediction greeting.

Even so now, that certain sensation of a Sinister Presence is increased as subtle expressions seem to manifest in reflective circulation. ∞


4/25: Upon the Infernal Inauguration of The Satan Bust into the Draconian Pantheon, in which the welcomed resident is Hellementally consecrated, a request for a "sign" was spoken, and then it suddenly began to rain as the central candle flame arose; the devil winds flowed to 9 mph from The West, as inspected upon the weather record. Hail Drægon Satanas.

* In international news, {coincidentally?} there would be a 7.8/8.1/IX magnitude earthquake in Nepal which would leave over 5,000 dead.
* Upon Walpurgis morn, as a seeming further confirmation, a tremor would ripple about the Blackthorne Chapel of Satan. ∞