April 11th, 2015


The Duskening


In medieval folklore, the West is the direction of Hell since the sun set there. The Gates open wide to receive Sorath and welcome the Luciferic moonrise. Reserve the hour of Dusk and/or Dawn for yourself and Nature. The Magician tends to rise with the dusk and slumber with the dawn, and is an ideal time for reflection. This is known as The Duskening, or Dusking. Silence is recommended, natural sounds may pervade, or otherwise luna and planetary themed compositions like Holst's The Planets, and various Nocturnes by various composers. This exercise is for daily/nightly empowerment and focus, drawing power from the transitional process, and concentrated merging / flowing with The Sataniverse / Satan-Force.

  • Go forth to a private place facing the horizon, which can be either by a window, balcony, porch, gazebo, garden, hill, wilderness spot, beach, etc., preferably by an oak, willow, elm, or birch, taking with you your staff, or cane, or wand.
  • If you wish to don your ceremonial vestments, if practical and undisturbed, do so.
  • Take coffee or tea, or whatever philtre is desired.
  • Use this time to meditate upon forthcoming accomplishments, creations, as well as allow ideas to pour forth, otherwise clear the mind and just BE. This tends to stimulate the 'calm before the mindstorm'. Also take a notepad in case of sudden inspiration, and otherwise to record happenings for The Black Book of Shadows.
  • The Duskening or Dawning may be combined with The Constitutional, to stroll to a favored spot to view the sunset or sunrise. Verb tense would be 'Dusking', as in "I Am Dusking".
  • Breath in deeply through the nostrils and exhale through the mouth. Humming or chanting is optional - if so, select Enochian Keys recommended; as well as the AUM. Various tonalities may attract different environmental and atmospheric reactions, even animal interactions. If so inclined, inspect Chakra vibrations and mantras.
  • A favored instrument may be taken if desired, which would aid in the meditation.
  • Traditional meditation position may be assumed {otherwise reserve a chair on your private property or simply comfortably seated upon the ground, in which case a towel or small rug would be appropriate}; while gesticulating The Cornu with only the tips of the thumb, middle, and ring finger touching, and/or the Baphomet Enthroned gesticulation. Be it Eliphas Levi's drawing or the Cornu uplifted with the left hand, while pointing index down with the right hand.

This practice will sharpen the senses, and one may even perceive environmental and atmospheric subtleties like energy fluctuations, even shifting shadows and impressions of forms {perhaps "nature folk", elementals}. This tends to be a particularly active time for wilderness inhabitants overall, whether awakening and going forth or returning and settling down, it is an important natural moment. Creatures of the night, owls, bats, rats, serpents and wolves, perhaps even cryptids would be most active now, only seconded by The Hunt.

Other options for group participation is possible, with others of like mind, incorporating various woodwind, string, and percussion instruments for improvisation, which may perhaps even lead to subsequent cooperation.