April 6th, 2015


Shrouds & Spells

Holy Mummy

The Shroud of Turin

A propaganda tool for Mideival christian clergy to claim authenticity and validation for their religion. It was customary at the time for various churches to parade around with a variety of alleged relics in an attempt to substantiate their mythology, and often competed with other churches as well. Whether it be splinters from the cross, nail clippings or a lock of hair from some apostle or saint, the skull of John the Baptist, the spear of Longinus, holy grail, etc.

Being that crucifictions were common punishments for criminals, it would have been an easy matter to retrieve any one of many corpses to claim ersatz holy remains and impressions; and in some instances, fresher items may have been collected, considering that the christian church then was every bit as brutal as the muslims continue to be.

The fact that these relics were fabricated lends credence to the theory that the messiah myth was indeed complete fiction, compiled from pre-christian folklore to create an archetype concentrated into a single characterization. Ironically, though they blame The Devil for being the so-called "Father of Lies", it is actually their entire institution that has been founded on deception and misdirection. ∞

The Jordan Codices

It should be obvious to anyone with a modicum of Magical comprehension that these are essentially talismans which were properly sealed and preserved in those caves, and since they were disturbed, their protective spell was apparently lifted, considering the continuous amounts of misfortune occurring in that region since their discovery. Even the name of the nation is mentioned, that it may endure, and as such, since the seals were broken, has fallen into turmoil.

This is an arcane custom of preparation with grimoires as well as bibliographic talismanic spells, that the front and back covers are comprised of metal, and further consecrated with Words of Power, not typically revealed to the common populace {also referred to as the 'profane'}; ciphers, runes, etc., the language of the Shaman, Sorcerer, Rabbi, etc. {whatever cultural nomenclature ascribed}, The Craft of The Magical Arts.

My advice is to analyze them for scientific and historical purposes, but definitely have a Kabbalistic Mystic re-enforce the protective spell and eventually have the original codices returned. And thus, shall there be increased stability in the region. ∞

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