April 4th, 2015

Hell Gate

Omnic Mandalas

Sigils and Mandalas from pre-Dracomeroth 'The Omnis'. Projective sigilization unto the materialization of The Will. Caution in their use, as each on has been tested and utilized, and each have fulfilled their purpose.

The Omnigram
The Omnigram is also representative of "As Above, So Below" materialization, and omnipotently exemplifies "Magic is Magic, by whatever name it is called." {The Satanic Bible}. The omniscient Third Eye of Intuition, reason and instinct, and balanced perspective. ∞

The Magic Circle

Thaumaturgic Magic Circle used for the Conjuration {Projection} of idealized daemons visualized during the psychodramatic, parapsychological process to manifest and aid in The Will of The Sorcerer. The 'Third Eye' opened is the Pineal Gland activated; an 'aura' is the bio-adrenal energies directed into the concentration point, imbuing a thought-form with purpose, and released to accomplish the goal. ∞

The Seal of Death

Utilized in conjunction with the Destruction Ritual in The Satanic Bible, the 'sacrifice's' name is writ in the center of the hexagrammatical mandala within the pentagon, then is covered with the Triskelion of The Beast, also significant of The Black Hole, and oblivion. Chanting of "In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus" during configuration while visualizing target's termination. Sword/dagger/athame thrust into its center upon immolation. ∞

The Crest of Lust

Included is the Draconian cipher for LUST. Creates an intensification in animal magnetism, and binds the target for as long as the Magician so wishes. ∞
Hell Gate

Blood Moon Esbat

This particular Blood Moon Esbat also includes a lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse represents the Opening of The Gates while the blood moon serves as an intensification of receptive shadow forces particularly dealing with passion, lust, and vengeance. The charging of The Staff {or Wand} and Sword of Power. Lycanthropic rites will be especially effective. Also ideal for the Apotheosis {see Dracomeroth}; though these are most efficacious at this moment, all Magic is intensified in this period, which remains until dawn tomorrow. The dynamic universal to earthly energies are bristling in etheric waves of potency, The Magician flows therein and shall be empowered.

* Vibrational synchronicity: A cluster of earthquakes in the Santa Clarita area at Oat Mountain. [news report]