March 31st, 2015

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Which Monster Are You When You're Angry?

Which Monster Are You When You're Angry?
Created by Ashley Stevens on March 29, 2015 | Take it


"You are like a fire breathing dragon when you get angry!"
This can be very true, with hellfire symbolic of wrath.
"When something gets you riled up, you don't take some time to breath and collect your thoughts, you immediately act!"
Not necessarily. Balance is key for a better opportunity to gain justice if it merits My scrutiny; otherwise, do not complain about that which one need not subject oneself.
"Our advice is to try to channel that anger into something a little more positive. Take that negative energy and use it to make your life better."
Amateurs. Oh, I certainly do that via the Cosmic Power Center, harnessing energies for greatest benefit.

Overall, quite appropriate, considering The Dragon {& Serpent Basilisk} is the prime totem, or "patronus", as it were.