February 6th, 2015


KR: Return To Cadiz


Return To Cadiz

KITT and Michael take to the sea to find out who has been plundering sunken Spanish treasure.

While testing KITT's new Third Stage Aquatic Synthesizer hydroplaning feature [much to the chagrin of KITT himself, who loathes the ocean}, they stumble upon a diver strewn on the beach with the bends. While at the hospital, Michael meets his sister Jennifer Shell {co-owner of 'The Three Shells' seafood restaurant along with her brother and deceased father}, who has a very nice... smile.

Besides the diver's apparent irresponsibility and admonishment to 'never dive alone' {a basic diving rule}, there was nothing to suspect any sort of foul play, until a Spanish doubloon is collected amongst his affects. Seems he was actually diving for treasure, which was also being plundered by modern pirates.* One thief stealing from others, who had been hiding the ill-gotten gains in an enchanting little grotto named "Cadiz"** {after an ancient Mesopotamian city, as well as a city in Spain} lit by candlelight with collected golden relics all about.

When it seems this was no mere 'diving accident', Michael decides to investigate, receiving a confirmation of suspicions while attacked in the hospital room posing as the diver. Further investigation leads to a historian on the sea hunt, whose primary objective is locating "Lucinda" {a meso-american statuette comprised of pure gold} said to have been absconded by none other than Cortés. But when the deep sea excavation yields only some seaweed, starfish, and shells from the chest known to contain her, Captain Salty begins his land search amongst the brother's plunders only to find Jenny holding Lucinda, who is then kidnapped for the Fin Quest.

After a brief, previous recognizance visit, the trail leads to Captain Salty and crew on the 'Fin Quest'. Despite depth charges, KITT hydroplanes right up to the vessel {an effect apparently shot at Universal Studios' "parting sea" attraction} where they receive the "turbo fist" as it were, to rescue Jennifer and booty.

With the treasure collected for historical preservation, Michael bids an albeit temporary farewell to The Three Shells, gets his kiss, while April leans in under KITT's hood displaying her prime assets in preparation for the journey home.*** ∞

* One who may be recognized as [name] from 'Knight Moves' [S1/E20] in the red Members Only jacket, nicknamed 'Captain Salty', who in this episode rather resembles Neptune.
** Would make a wonderful ritual chamber ideal for "The Call of Cthulhu" rite {The Satanic Rituals}; as well as a private quarters for clandestine meetings.
*** Along the way, seems KITT developed an appreciation for the maritime environment. In an amusing concluding conversation, he grew to enjoy using his aquatic synthesizer and began speaking in Pirate jargon now and then throughout the adventure. By the way, I'm sure KITT meant "motherly" in the best possible way [as in caring}, not 'matronly', which April most definitely is not, but reminiscent more or less like a sex doll.