January 6th, 2015


The Devil Goes to Hollywood


The Devil Goes To Hellywood

I decided to take a trip to Hollywood recently to test the subway system I was hearing so much about. Though the preferred mode of transport is a private vehicle, I found it punctual and efficient. Specifically, the 'Red Line' from the Pershing Square station to Hollywood & Highland, to acquire a carton of indulgent fumigation at the destined tobacco shop. Thus, in My leather trench coat, sunglasses, and skull earbuds, I was off on this urban adventure.

Pershing Square

On the couple of occasions I passed through this courtyard, I haven't noticed anything too untoward, as some others have mentioned. There is an animal area with dirt covered in a layer of sawdust for pets to relieve themselves {better there than on the street}, a couple of entrances located on either side of the square leading down into a subterranean garage, as well as a couple of elevators.

Prominent architecture featured herein is a purple tower comprised of a left isosceles triangle combined with a vertical rectangle, into which is a red sphere stationed in a square tunnel on top is inserted. However, I personally do not acknowledge this location as a "park" per se, for it is after all, mostly comprised of cement, a few overly-trimmed trees, bushes, and small patches of shaved grass, with various 'artistic' structures, murals and statues, notably a nice simulacrum of Beethoven.

Prior to the needless "renovation", Pershing Square was an actual park set in nature which would be the consideration for supplantation in the middle of a downtown area amongst the skyscrapers, the way it used to be.

Events held here include a remmus "concert series" and an ice rink in Winter. Personally, I hold no interest in the 'music' typically played here, although a classical concerto would be considered; the ice rink is too small, and both are overcrowded. From time to time films are shown al-fresco, although like the concerto contemplation, a favored film may be considered beneath the night sky, if in the mood.

Other than that, the resident security guards are helpful if you need directions, and the derelicts keep to themselves.

Train Station
Pershing Square / Hollywood & Highland

Going Down? Accessing the train platform is a nice long walk down either stairs, escalators, or elevators, while passing through the turnstile where one may place a "tap card" upon an elevated surface to pass through. Amusingly, the old "mark of the beast" notion comes to mind. It tends to be windy and cool in these subterranean caverns, due to the trains pushing the naturally cooler air underground to and fro. Fortunately, the ETA on the next train is usually no more than 10 minutes, so one can be quickly on their way. Exiting back up to the street also proves to be a stroll through the station and upon either stairs, escalators, or via an elevator.

Selecting this mode of transportation will bring one amongst the herd, who by and large mind their own business, as most are glued to their devices. However, some instances can be rather amusing, if not mildly irritating. Case in point:

On one occasion, an individual resembling a vagabond with disheveled hair and carrying a guitar boarded the train car, and began regaling all present with a spontaneous performance and on the spot lyrics, including being homeless and smelling like it, as well as following his dream. On another occasion, just as the doors closed, a voice projected throughout the car requesting change, not some positive transition into some productive state of being, but begging for money. One derived the uncomfortable feeling of being in church with the donation plate being passed around.

Glen LarsonErnest BorgnineThe Dead End KidsKISSCarroll O' ConnorCleavon LittleStan LeeTippi HedrenLon ChaneyJack WebbJohn FogertyPlacido DomingoJohnny DeppDouglas FairbanksSamuel JacksonDavid HasselhoffAlice CooperNancy SinatraThe DoorsWilliam ShatnerGODZILLABruce LeeHoudiniRobert StackAlfred HitchcockDavid CarradineNicolas CageCharlie SheenDavid BowieMatt GroeningMamie Van DorenSidney Poitier

Walk of Fame

The station is discreetly obscured from the main 'Walk of Fame' thoroughfare as passengers may blend in seamlessly with the shuffling tourists. A sudden flurry of activity into the thick of this attraction where the sidewalk is literally paved with golden stars. Across the street is Grauman's Chinese Theater, with the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum nearby, Madame Tussaud's Gallery, and halfway upon turning the corner down Highland Avenue, is The Hollywood Wax Museum. Street performers play familiar showbiz tunes, while costumed characters like Darth Vader & Batman roam and pose alongside Spiderman, Catwoman and others, for photo souvenirs in front and around the Chinese Theater.

Of note: a Polaroid photo with Darth Vader and Myself as a Dracling was taken, which he even signed the back.
Another note: as I walked by Grauman's once, one of the costumed characters pointed over to Me and said "Alright! The Matrix!", which was amusing, and when I looked over at him, his face suddenly became very serious and apologized.

Highland Cigarettes Tobacco Shop

There can be only one! Possibly the best prices in Hell-A, with an attentive & friendly staff. Great extensive hours, open even on xmas, perfectly located down the street between Hollywood & Sunset, to offset the crowds. You even receive a complementary lighter with a carton purchase. ∞

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