December 25th, 2014


Satanic Sabbaths

It should be noted and known by now that the Satanist observes Halloween, Walpurgisnacht {the Eve of May - April 30}, the Solstices / Equinoxes {Seasons In Hell}, & above all, One's own Birthday - these would be the 'Sabbaths', with the commemoration of one's nativity as the "High Sabbath". Beyond that, personal variations according to the individual, like phases of the moon {which may be considered 'Esbats' in stimulating arcane terminology}, and otherwise secular 'holidays' according to self-gratifying purpose {parties, sexual gratification, food & drink; for the benefit of acknowledged family, friends, or business purposes with co-workers, like 'office parties', and otherwise if one seeks to gain monetarily with the dispensation of certain themed products, etc.}, or personal significance {if one is honestly drawn towards certain aesthetics}.

The question that should be asked is, "Is it relevant to Me?" If it is relevant to others you care for, then address it appropriately.

The reality of the allure of Xma$™ is in an evocative sense where one stood to gain items come the morning, the anticipation of acquisition, with all connected iconography and multimedia proliferation based upon that activity. It moved beyond the lowly mange-er towards silly Santas® to appeal to the masses in encouraged shopping sprees. It evolved from a misplaced religious ideal for Winter towards a fully secular habit, as both the herd and flock buy into it, and other popular 'holidays'. The evolution of xmas traditions are covered in The Dark Side of xmas.

How to greet someone from another religion during the yuletide season? A simple "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings" suffices.

Thank you. No allusions to any particular religion, and usually in response to someone else's gesture, considering these are private matters, with the exception of those who share one's religion, lifestyle, philosophy. Saying "Merry [insert religious holiday]™®" would be inconsiderate, thoughtless, and rude, if not passive-aggressive, only displaying ignorance. Depending upon the speaker, perhaps the sentiment can be appreciated, but they should really know better. Season's Greetings can also be expressed for the Equinoxes and remmus Solstice.

Myself, I prefer the observation of The Winter Solstice / Yule / Saturnalia {Satanalia} which takes place between the 20th-23rd of December {the Roman Saturnalia began on the 17th of December through to the 23rd, celebrated with wonderful orgiastic pleasures; although celebrations may last until the new year, if desired}, in acknowledgement of Season Lucifer, while employing the natural elements & aesthetics of Winter nascent to the season. Some cues can be selected from ancient pagan earthy traditions.

The 25th of December is considered the birth day of the Pagan deity Mithras, often represented as a lion, signifying The Sun {longer days}. Catholicism would subsequently designate the 25th for the masses' commemoration.

It certainly is dependent upon individual Satanists to form personal traditions. I have found The Homage To Tchort {The Satanic Rituals} to be an appropriately-themed rite, as well as incorporating My own Seasons In Hell Messages into ceremonies utilizing elements of the seasons therein, including certain Altar decorations relevant to such. For instance, spiked eggnog for the Elixir of Ecstasy, a small bit of fruitcake, Solstice-themed music {see Nox Arcana and various instrumental albums}; otherwise the Yule Goat, Krampus {only the demonic aesthetic connotations}, a certain colored stole, sash, robe, Pentagram or Baphomet pendant {blue, silver, white, &/or small bits of lustful red & Mammon green is appropriate}. If you want to incorporate a tree {preferably faux}, decorate with "The 7 Pleasures" suggestions, or modify as desired {perhaps a serpent garland, various diabolical ornaments from pendants to skulls, nefarious characters, Halloween decor, etc., with a pentagram or witch hat on top}. For instance, I once arranged some colored string lights in the form of a pentagram and hung it in the window, so imagination takes precedence. Either personal touches here and there, small modifications, and/or completely original creations.

"When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there." - Satanic Rule of The Earth #3.

Memories of waking up in the morning all excited to run out into the living room and tear open all those presents under the tree is fanciful, but one does not really focus on the religious aspects at the time, just the thrill of acquisition. Being that the Satanist possesses what one wills at whatever time of the year, as well as share and bestow items unto others one loves and respects, as a gesture of kindness and love, this may or may not be included in Winter celebrations. If the gift-giving and receiving brings you joy, then by all means apply it. All those wonderful elements like the familiar scents, culinary treats, warm clothing, & pleasant familial commiseration can still be experienced, just without the religious connotation except one's own. If celebrated in one's own Lair, then proper respect is to be afforded, and vice-versa. ∞

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