December 10th, 2014


NN: Media misnomer

Sgt. Daemon, Satan Sleuth
ITEM: Murder Trial Begins For Teen Accused In "Satanic" Killing.

The media have again misplaced the word "Satanic" for what could better be described as an 'occult' or 'religious', or simply a 'cult' crime; although considering the circumstances, it was less any type of "devil worship", than a series of disgustingly comical mishaps and misplaced frustrations. In this case, the girl seemed quite willing to participate in certain "party activities", which instead of being appreciated, took a turn for the unexpected worst for whatever reason, probably because of narcotics, and that seems the saddest part of this. Hypothetically, as an adolescent Dracling, I would have welcomed the opportunity for such mutual gratification, and have. But instead of indulgence, now there is just the misery of incarceration. ∞

VERDICT: Life sentence without the possibility of parole.

ITEM: Three juveniles arrested for vandalizing Berwyn church.

A prime example of those who would necessitate a damned 'good' Black Mass to get these resentments out of their systems, performed in the privacy of one's own chamber, without legal complications. "God is dead" is a mixed statement, considering it does not exist, save as a psychological hindrance for some; ergo, a purging. And otherwise as an affirmation of auto-deistic self-determination. Then on to truly fulfilling Satanic endeavors! Long Live Satan, indeed; and as we know, 'live' is 'evil' spelled backwards. ∞