November 27th, 2014



NOW SHOWING: The Shadow Side Fangsgiving. In observance of the Native Warrior spirit. ∞

Fangsgiving by DBlackthorne on deviantART
"To rip with talons & claws, to tear with beaks & jaws. Such is the order of the Natural Law." ~ Epinox 2:13 {Dracomeroth}. ∞

This so-called "Thanksgiving" is allegedly in observation of some peaceful feast that supposedly happened between Native Americans and Pilgrims. It should be relatively obvious that this is nothing more than propaganda. The stuporstitious pilgrims, the same ones who despite escaping England's theocratic rule to establish their own, are the same ones who disrespected American Natives' land, tradition, and culture, even killing their own kind falsely accused of 'witchcraft'. Of course, upon discovering the nature of these foreigners, fought back with great losses on both sides. This attitude continues on up from Salem to the Satanic Panic, and Wenatchee. Considering the true hypocritical nature of the Pilgrims, this may have been a "last supper" for many who allegedly attended. When contemplating history, the notion of this observation is repugnant.

"Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates!" - 4th Satanic Statement, The Satanic Bible.

However, what has it become? To Me, I pay no personal credence to this herd hallmark holiday, but if the feast is available, I would partake for the indulgence of the repast. A veritable gluttonous feast of confectionery pleasures. If desirable company happens to share in this copious harvest meal as a celebration of success, then so much the better, but it is not mandatory. For this particular combination of elements, I prefer ham to turkey anyway. And what of buffalo steak?

Thank whom? And for what?

If there is anyone to thank, it would be Myself and those who may have contributed to My time and mutually gratifying purposes. Perhaps instead of saying "I Am thankful for...", "I appreciate...", or "I Am thankful to..." specifically "for..." would be more appropriate, but this too would be an occasional contemplation as it occurs to one, perhaps with a gesture of gratitude, and not on any specific date.

If you decide to partake, a suggestion would be to exercise beforehand, in order to both augment the appetite, and gain nutrients for the stimulated growing muscles. It will enhance the indulgence of the dining experience.

Indeed, there is much to appreciate in this ever progressing Age of Fire, from technology to ever shifting mores, as well as personal evolutions. Thank you, Satan. ∞