November 17th, 2014


A man who made a difference


Glen Larson

The Nucleus of many an evocative series much appreciated from Draclinghood forward. Though he created and produced many other notable presentations, the following roster are pertinent to Myself as viewing favorites. Didn't watch too much of the futuristic scifi material.

  • Knight Rider: "A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist..." With the tagline "One man can make a difference", I have found this statement to be inspirational and true. An ex-cop turned lone crime fighting investigator with the aid of an interactive, evolving A.I. super car partner KITT, a sleek, bullet-proof black trans-am with distinctive alternating scanner, not unlike a cylon's visor. Larson openly admitted that this was indeed the inspiration.
    Out of all the characters, it seems that Larson put more of himself into the personage of Michael Knight {which Hasselhoff then reflected}, both as a father figure and personal affectation, which is readily detected in various interviews about KR. Upon watching the series, it will be noticed that most of the technological concepts put forth have in fact materialized, and continue to.
    Of course, the music is unforgettably unique as well.
    Along with a very few choice others*, KR has remained an all-time favorite. I watch this series just about every night.
  • The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries: The adventures of a brother duo of investigators along with a solo female friend who solve crimes in various sometimes unconventional manners, many times leading into occult-oriented themes and situations. Based on the book series by the same name.
    Interestingly, I really didn't watch this much at all when they first aired, considering it more or less like Scooby Doo, but curiosity bade Me to acquaint Myself more recently, and enjoyed it.
    Great haunting introductory graphics featuring a maze and book covers, with theme music featuring the oboe and triangle reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock, opening up into the orchestration.
  • Battlestar Galactica: ["Intruder Alert ... Intruder Alert."] I was always impressed by the Cylons more than anything in this series, watching it mostly for them. I especially like their voices, visors, and even ships. I secretly always wished they would prevail, and indeed would when I played.
    Wonderfully exhilarating score.
  • The Six Million Dollar Man: The idea of a cyborg man was intriguing enough for Me to watch this, and I eventually obtained the action figure. All senses and abilities enhanced and strengthened with bionic components. I believe the series culminated with the episode wherein Steve Austin {Lee Majors} battles Sasquatch.
    There would eventually be a Bionic Woman starring Lindsay Wagner, although that show was created by Kenneth Johnson {ref. The Incredible Hulk}, but both were based on the book Cyborg by Martin Caidin.
  • Buck Rogers In The 25th Century: For Me, the character that stands out is Twiki, a loveable, diminutive robot with an amusingly distinctive expression and voice tone seemingly antithetical to his stature and appearance.
    Buck Rogers is more or less a cross between Flash Gordon, and Han Solo in personality, except he works for the Earth Defense Directorate.
    A fantastic, moving music score.
  • The Fall Guy: I think what probably initially drew Me to this show was a guest appearance by Elvira, but then became sporadic viewing.
  • Honorable Mentions: Magnum P.I., Automan {based on TRON}, Manimal {animalistic shape-shifting crime-fighter}.

By forging a persistent formula, Glen Larson is the creative nucleus behind much evocative entertainment, inspiring others in kind, yet remains irreplaceable for his unique style and vision. ∞

* Besides Knight Rider by Glen Larson, other favorite presentations include The Addams Family, The Munsters, Bewitched, The Twilight Zone {1st/2nd}, Night Gallery, Dark Shadows [1st/2nd}, Tales From The Crypt, Tales From The Dark Side, Monsters, Freddy's Nightmares, Highlander, et al.