November 16th, 2014


Choose your own adventure!

R. A. Montgomery
Choose Your Own Adventure

As a Dracling, I would often go to either the public or school library and read every one of these I could find, sometimes up to 5-10 at a sitting, and otherwise take them home to read, as well as eagerly await the next release. The idea that one could choose the destiny of the character one was reading as provided a sort of eustress, which made reading that much more exciting. It was fun to go through the various adventures, seeing where each choice would take you, like multiple books in one. One would often find oneself going back to see where the other choice would result.

I was also captivated by the cover artwork on these, filled with various favorite monsters, Warlocks & Witches, as well as other themed characterizations, depending on the genre. There is horror, thrillers, fantasy, sword & sorcery, science fiction, cloak & dagger spy versions, and others. I recall there were other series' who attempted to replicate these, but it just didn't seem to be as fulfilling. The Steve Jackson/Ian Livingstone versions were a close second.*

Amusingly, I noticed that the general idea of selecting various choices were even written in textbooks from time to time, which somebody scrawled in the corner of a random page {"turn to page [such and such] for the answer to this question", etc.}, often leading to some vulgar drawing or joke. Now there are actually 'adult' versions in book and game form {online [1, 2] & board game}, like 'choose your own erotic fantasy', and such, which adds another dimension to the typical erotic novels.

Perhaps some day there may even be computerized interactive experiences to be had in the CYOA style.

Ultimately, the Choose Your Own Adventure book series is timeless, and shall persist indefinitely, in print, and probably digital versions forever to come. If you have not already, it may be high time for you to order them or go to the library and check it out! ∞

* The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, and House of Hell were standouts.