October 23rd, 2014

winged skull, vampire, predator

"Which Classic Universal Monster Are You?"

Which Classic Universal Monster Are You?

Congratulations, you are Dracula! While you probably still have a reflection and don’t drink human blood, you definitely are mysterious, stylish, and maybe somewhat introverted. You live quite the life of a night owl and when it’s mealtime, you’re always down to grub.

{Indeed, The Devil is a gentleman.}

"Warning Signs of Satanic Behavior"


Parents intrude upon their son's privacy in this Satanic Panic 'instructional' video intended for law enforcement entitled "Satanic Cults & Ritual Crime" by Syndistar Inc., which are usually misleading dealing with Satanism. That is usually a segment within a larger presentation. Note the "grimoire" of choice is The Necronomicon, and prevalence of the band Slayer.


Children are usually 'dabblers' in any number of venues, although in the case of the 'occult dabbler', as it were, it may or may not be a rebellious 'phase'. If it is, the person will realize that it is not for them, and move on; or become either a devil-worshiper type dependent upon the [reverse] christian paradigm {perhaps participating in criminal acts}, or will eventually realize they are a real Satanist upon reading The Satanic Bible* {containing guidelines for recommended 'Satanic behavior'}, and always were, now having a name for one's inherent state of being. ∞

* Maybe The Satanic Rituals soon thereafter, and privately perform Le Messe Noir to get blindlight static out of the system.