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Tim Burton female character / 'past life' animal / Vampire & Werewolf

Which Tim Burton Film MALE character are you?

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Jack Skellington
You're ambitious and you want to explore. You enjoy what you have but wish to have even more! You love to be adventurous and love passionately. When you want something you don't stop until you get it! Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas and Happy Halloween!

Which Tim Burton Film FEMALE Character Are You?
Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
You're a thinker, creative, and sensitive. You love truly and know what's best in every situation. You might as well be quite shy, but you have a big heart. You like to experiment and explore, just like Sally, and you love fully. Even when you feel broken, you “sew” yourself until you feel strong again; and even so, you don't stop until you get what you want. You desire freedom and that's what's important to you, and your partner.

[I like the fact that she can see the reality of the situation, either by analytical analysis and/or precognition, the sense of wonder and adventure, and using her wiles to get what she wants. She's passionate and loving to those who deserve it].

What Animal Were You In A Past Life?

You were the Owl. Graceful, quiet, and majestic, you glide silently through the night. You are self sufficient, independent, and make the most of everything around you. You are not very picky about what you like, and when you love something, it will be forever. You would make a wonderful parent, but in no way would you spoil your children; they would be taught how to look after themselves. You are a symbol of guidance.

[Actually a very Satanic creature, in terms of a head that can turn around backwards {viewing all perspectives and choosing what is best}, night vision {seeing in the darkness to reveal the hidden treasures of occult knowledge}, and is a predatory beast].


You cant stop eating meat! No matter how hard you try, you're always drawn back in. You are very adventurous and athletic! You love the outdoors.

[i would have to say both, depending upon the situation. Actually, Dracula can turn into both a bat and a wolf, as well as fog and othr things. The Vampire would symbolize civility - the veritable Devil as a gentleman, while the werewolf symbolizes the beast in man "that should be exercised" {ASLV}; The Satanimal 666.]

Evocative revelations

Interesting how while searching for certain information about St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School from another post, I happened upon various profiles. It seems that these former classmates turned out pretty much the way I would have expected - well, being the herd and all. albeit a higher class thereof.
St. Charles Borromeo
St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School, 8th Grade. North Hollywood, CA.: Ms. Hilliard, Laurie Allison, Daniel, ?, Jim Farja, ?, Joel Poets, Katie Smallwood, Michael Lechner, ?, Scott Dugan, Francia Barrero, Rick Ianecello, Lisa Kelley, Lee Cruz, Alexandra Marrodan, ?, Andrea Czene, Cris Bringass, Mike Banuelos, Michelle McGee, Edward Cohen, Judith Jones, Hernan Posada, ?, DB, Jojo Aguilar, ?, Dennis Labbe', ? Edward Gall.

  • 'Daniel': Converted him to xianity during blindlight phase, with promises of having some sort of a "glorified body" like an angel who can travel inter-dimensionally in an instant, and resemble a Bodybuilder physique. We ceased communication whereupon I converged upon the Heavy Metal 'Rocker' stage.
  • Jim Farja: We became quick acquaintances on the yard, wherein he thought that I was very wealthy, considering the Rolex-type watch and gold & diamond-encrusted ring I was wearing much of the time. Communication ceased upon remmus break that year.
  • Joel Poets: I just remember him as very quiet and shy, but he dressed nicely, like a writer, or his namesake. He just disappeared one day and that was that.
  • Katie Smallwood: A close friend of Lisa Kelly's, she would join she and Cristina Bringass in a triple communion with Me on the rear steps of the auditorium on graduation day.
  • Michael Lechner: He seemed like a big brute sort, who may be proficient in Football or Hockey, and perhaps become a bouncer.
  • Cristina Bringas [4r/1]: Married with children, she now reminds Me of a fitness freak; you know, one of those that eats tofu in everything, prefers gluten-free, may even be a vegetarian - there is a certain 'look' to it; those who pretend they are herbivores, that is, when in reality humanimals are naturally omnivores. While in school she was known as quite the promiscuous one, which is beneficial.
  • Sonja Randall: Married and owns a BBQ catering service located in Santa Clarita. She physically 'matured' early, and was the focus of the boys at SC. She left the school in 7th grade shortly after the class picture below was taken [top row, 2nd/r*]. On the day itself, she looked distracted and was seemingly in a hurry. One of the boys mentioned that she 'smelled funny', and was later seen entering a black vehicle, possibly a Trans-Am. An off-campus boyfriend?
  • Ricky Ianiciello [3r/3l]: Not much about him on his profile, except for a photo of his dad in a sailor uniform. He was a little guy, like the 'runt' of the litter, as it were, of the class; and I always thought he had some sort of 'condition', but he never talked about it.
  • Lisa Kelly: She liked to 'smell Me'. Every time I would pass by, she would take deep inhalations followed by a sigh. She held a party at her house, where after a game of "truth or dare", routine pecks were exchanged, and led by the hand, into darkened rooms we went. She took part in the "Triple Treat" with Cris & Katie. [3r, 4/l]
  • Lee Cruz: A mexican with some sort of self-loathing complex who kept on insisting that he was Spanish, not mexican, although he obviously looks like a dark mexican indian. Because of this complex, he acted obnoxious, and was the resident asshole bully of the class.
  • Alexandra Marrodan: She would take Me by the hand and lead Me towards a concealed wall near the back of the yard, wherein she orally partook of her pleasure. To Me, she resembled a crow, and may have been related to "the help", as it were, perhaps the daughter of a maid, or some such - but a nice girl nonetheless.
  • Andrea Czene: The only conversation I can really recall with her is while sitting next to her in class, a heavy perfume permeated, when I asked her if it was she, she said "No, I don't put gobs of it on..." I'm sure she would have preferred gobs of something else instead...
  • Mike Banuelos: He fancied himself a "Martial Artist" of some sort, and was also fascinated with Ninjutsu and the show 'The Master', but I really never saw any evidence of his proficiency apart from a few acrobatic tricks, like a somersault once. He fancied slowing his heart once, and while he did seem to slow his pulse a bit, it seemed rather pointless. On the couple of occasions I desired to play spar, he would not engage. Overall, I consider him a poser.
  • Michelle McGee: Close friend with Laurie Allison, who would frequently flirt with Me, whereupon one occasion, both kneeled before Me, stared at My 'bulge', and began to 'bark'. They sure worked well together. She had a penchant for providing gratifying 'peeks' up her skirt. [4r, 3/l]
  • Eddie Cohen: A paranoid-type who resembles a tall goofy bird. He gave Me the impression of being proficient at programming computers.
  • Judith Jones: She actually used her own photograph for the yearbook, with aspirations to become an actress, and has reached some success as a bit part actress so far. She seems to have made the mistake of placing all of her energy into someone else instead of herself, thus stunting her own rise to prominence. Those who succeed in the arts tend to be rather sociopathic if not even psychopathic and Narcissistic. Upon reaching a level of prominence, then one's obsession can even out a bit, though still remaining prolific wherein attention is focused upon one.
  • Jojo Aguilar [5r/2l]: He was this little Asian kid and is now a little Asian man. Lives in Santa Monica, and works for Nickelodeon in an undetermined position, and apparently has a female child.
  • Hernan Posada [4r/6l]: Now a pilot for NASA. Thumbs up! Was a quiet kid - didn't see too much of him around. Lives in Valencia, CA. I knew him as Hernan, with an 'n' {like Hernan Cortes}, but he seems to prefer 'Herman' {as in Munster}.
  • Scott Dugan [3r/1]: I really liked him; he sort of reminded Me of MacGyver for some reason. He also transitioned to Village Christian School where I attended after SC. He once asked to use My Vick's nasal inhaler. Lost track of him after VC.
  • Francia Barrero: She was also in My Tae Kwon Do class, whereupon spotting Me at the dojo, assumed a shocked expression - I tried to be gentle with her, considering I also had a mild infatuation. [3r, 2/l]
  • Mrs. Hilliand [above, 8th grade teacher]: A very Catholic type, but I liked her. Although there were rumors that she was touching herself behind the podium on some occasions.


  • Mrs. Bluestone [below, 7th grade teacher]: For some reason, she didn't seem to like Me very much. Therefore, I didn't like her either. She left the school that year.

St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School, 7th Grade; North Hollywood, CA.

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* That's Me 3rd from the right next to Sonja Randall.

Rick Petrilli: Not a SC classmate, but an acquaintance for a time in North Hollywood. The two degrees of separation occurred when we both accompanied My mother to a Sunday service dressed in our Heavy Metal gear.

He turned out to be a real wastrel. At the time, he skipped school, received detentions, suspensions, and eventually expulsion. Well, I was acquainted with him for a few months through another friend Shane* {they eventually developed an animosity}; He and I shared an interest in Heavy Metal, but he began to be spooked when I began studying The Occult and Satanism.

He even attended YMCA camp with Me one remmus, wherein My preference for the earthy, passionate, hard-driving genre was piqued through a listen on his walkman while waiting for the bus to take us there. I believe it was Motley Crue and RATT to begin with.

After a few months I moved from North Hollywood to Baldwin Park where I saw him only once when he came to town to play hockey with the team he was with. He called Me once after that; and then when I called him the next time, his mom notified Me that he was in jail - no reason specified, then she hung up slowly. Seems like I departed just before all the serious trouble began for him.

So it wasn't until recently when his profile came to My attention that he lists his schooling as 'List of California State Prisons', that I found out he has since become a jailbird, complete with crappy, ugly tattoos; seems he may have been imprisoned at least in part due to dealing with the sale of narcotics - selling and using, probably, judging by some of the photos. He seems completely unrecognizable to Me now. To Me, he used to look a lot like Vince Neil, whereas now he looks like some sort of used up, dried up junkie.

Sadly, I also discovered that his mother Cecile had died - she was like another mother to Me, and her demeanor was reminiscent of Edith Bunker's while Ricky's dad was very similar to Archie {same with My parents as well}. In a caption to a photo accompanying her grave, he writes in a manner that her motherly love diminished, and he may have been disowned when he started with the incarceration shenanigans, and who knows what else. Interesting to note that conversely, Mr. Petrilli's grace has apparently either been soiled, or just not cleaned up at all.

"today would of been my moms b day still is happy b day mom, u will always be loved by me." Just sad. ∞

I recall calling Rick once when his mom answered, and sounded like she had been crying. I inquired if Rick was there, then she asked Me where had I gone? Like I was the only apparent balance factor keeping Rick in line; maybe I was, considering Mr. Petrilli just seemed to have given up on him completely - she really did seem to appreciate My help in trying times like when he took off in the car without her permission, snatching the keys and all - he wanted Me to jump in with him, but I bade him to stop, and he eventually just returned a short time later after a presumed thrill. The times I would accompany she and he to the mall, for instance, or a birthday party or something, she seemed to appreciate having Me along, and I appreciate her appreciation. Come to think of it, I do miss her too - she was of a rare type not seen too often anymore. I think they both probably considered Me the son they wish they had.

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* Shane would move to Florida after an incident involving visiting another friend named 'Ken Wood' on bikes in the rain {we snuck out of our houses to go see him to play with the many toys he had, but we got in trouble that night when we were found out by our parents - I told Shane's mom that I would tell the Police about her beating him regularly while sitting in the back seat of the car, at which point she called Me 'The Devil'. Never saw either of them again.


A Diamond Helloween


Loose the demons! Here's to a most diabolical Helloween!

King Diamond Halloween
KING DIAMOND - Halloween - The Wiltern

DANZIG - San Manuel Amphitheater, San Bernardino - 10/25/XLIX

TIM BURTON & DANNY ELFMAN - Nokia Theater - 10/30 | 11/2 - Honda Theater

- 10/29 - Honda Theater


Taking the 'Martial' out of Martial Arts

Just like how certain spectacles like "cage fighting" and 'MMA', along with certain types like Chuck Norris take the 'art' out of Martial Arts {essentially a simplistic and brutish pummeling}, I have also witnessed in a few videos lately, although it has been going on for a very long time since the karate trend of the mid-70's through to the mid-80's, where it became a consumer product based on the slew of movies and shows released in that time frame, became prominent. I don't think Bruce Lee {Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do*} or perhaps also Sho Kosugi {Ninjutsu*} imagined the varying impact their legends and films would have in this sense; for along with some who would take it seriously, there were those, being the herd after all, who glommed onto it as the "in thing" to do, eventually leaving when the popularity tide subsided.

Martial Arts

Now there are those who enter various 'contests', or 'tournaments' and treat it like a mere sports game, just for points, with no real combat to be had. The traditional term for the event known as 'Kumite' has even been used. For shame. It appears like they are just sparring, lightly touching the 'opponent' in select spots, even with heavy safety equipment on. It's essentially a game of tag.

Some perspective: Martial Arts, like Bodybuilding for that matter, is not merely a "sport", it is an Art. When it is dumbed-down to a mere spectator sport, then it has lost its intrinsic value for mere entertainment appeal.

It can be both of course, but not at the expense of the technique, and not only for competition. There is a grace & aesthetic, a consideration of symmetry, not just going through the motions. This is one of the main reasons the Ninjutsu dojo I attended did not take part in the common tournaments, but held intimate events of true worth, as is tradition. Various environments & situations were considered beyond the dojo, to prepare one in the event of such an occurrence, what objects could be used as defensive weapons nearby, terrain to one's advantage, as well as the use psychology {"Lesser Magic", psychological manipulation}, even working with energy flows {Chi}, along with philosophy to be considered {Tao & Shinto do actually contain concepts which can be useful to The Satanist; in fact, very many are resonant & directly pertinent}. These, along with knowledge of nature, ingenuity, devices, subterfuge, camouflage, concealment, costuming, various "tricks", etc., are indeed some of the reasons Ninjas are considered veritable Magicians & Sorcerers as well as warriors of the night. Indeed, in many ways, these applications accompanying Martial Arts could very well be described as 'combat sciences'.

This was also one of the primary reasons most of the Ninja Shidoshis and Shotokan senseis of Japan, Korean Tae Kwon Do Karatekas, and Kung Fu masters, whose familial institutions span the centuries, were/are very reticent to release cherished secrets to the West. ∞
* As "practical" as it gets, without robbing the martial art of style, or either the 'Martial' & 'Art' elements.