October 10th, 2014

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

"Branded with The Devil, but fit for the Gods."


Underwood Deviled Ham
"Branded with The Devil, but fit for the Gods."

Matzo Gadaph {blasphemy/revile: גָּדַף} - hors d'oeuvres du Shed {Demon: שֵׁדִים}

Streit's Passover MatzosBeing that pork is forbidden in both Jewish and Islamic cultures, combining these confections would make for quite a blasphemous 'snackrifice'. Dipped in Deviled Ham would be most appropriate, or with bacon, or bite-sized cubes of ham & cheese. Also consider Matzo Ball Soup with pork included, or "Blasphemy Balls".

Ironically, the statement "Branded with The Devil, but fit for the Gods" resonates true for Satanists, being that we are our own gods.

Black Mass option

If and when you feel the need, and if you cannot for whatever reason, attain an actual 'communion wafer', then these are useful and plentiful. These are essentially unleavened bread resembling large crackers used by Jews for passover meals, and christians to represent the nazarene {except they are just shaped into round wafers and impressed with a cross}.

When I performed Black Masses as needed or desired, usually on xmas or beaster {a couple of occasions at the same time as the Catholic Pope*}, these have proven adequate substitutes. They can even be broken into the shape of a cross, if desired.

Contemplating one's 'Devilution', as it were, since Le Messe Noir is a purging catharsis intended to rid the mind of all blindlight influence, I have not felt the need to perform one since shortly after My Satanic realization.

In reference to the media stating that a 'Black Mass' is our major rite, it should be noted that a formal 'mass' beyond such an 'exorcism' is called a Satanic High Mass {including Destruction, Lust, and Compassion rituals}, not a 'Black Mass' {the transitory blasphemous rite}.

* My first Messe Noir was performed using an actual communion wafer obtained from a local church. The person accompanying Me later mentioned that My eyes were 'glowing' during the Repudiation & Denunciation. The rite was then followed by The Satanic Baptism using the actual baptism candle from The Vatican, which burned like a torch.