October 6th, 2014

Hell Gate

Halloween, the herd, & The Satanist / All Hallow's Ev'n


...The time of the year when the herd try to imitate the Satanist's general lifestyle, or at least a pale facsimile thereof. They accumulate cheap, cartoonish plastic costumes and cardboard props to create the illusion of a darkened environment. As Magus Gilmore observed, Halloween seems to be the one time of year when the herd actually attempt to viscerally connect, albeit on a superficial level, with their Jungian dark sides by dressing up in those chintzy costumes. For the Satanist, the aesthetics of Halloween tend to be a constant. Really, the only benefit to this is the relatively increased availability of certain items such as black candles, and various objects d'art, many of which serve as memento moris.

If I ever wanted to initiate an "attraction", all I would have to do is bring out some of My possessions for display, but I would not be so charitable. The fog machine and strobe light I use for certain ceremonies, the black and red lights I use to illuminate the proceedings {by the way, black light is excellent to illuminate texts used, without depleting the Magical ambiance, and does in fact enhance the atmosphere, in My opinion}. Like Dr. LaVey, I tend to "lay low" this time of year, perhaps with quality company, enjoying the beauteous weather and some of the select amusing presentations broadcast, though even that is quite rare, preferring My own collection of nefarious edification.

Haunted House

Typically a menacing depiction of a Victorian mansion, or gothic castle, up on a hill, silhouetted by the moon, with bats flying around thereabouts, often with a skeletal tree on the side, sometimes amidst a few gravestones. A jagged streak of lightning strikes nearby. A rickety fence attached to an elaborate swinging gate leads to a twisting pathway up to the foreboding abode.

The Satanist lives, or tends to strive to live in a total environment of one's exquisite choosing. The Lair filled with fascinating occultic artifacts d'mort {skulls, skeletons, weapons} and/or carnality {Baphomets, pentagrams, demon masks, erotica, etc.} of a finely artistic nature, all to accentuate one's persona. From ornate portraits, clocks, statuary, mirrors, furniture, bookshelves {filled with various 'forbidden' subject matter in either book, discographic or cinematic recording form}, down to even the drapes and silverware.

Spiders? Cobwebs? Bats? I have the marvelous designs of these arachnid artisans adorning My walls, and I even have bats roosting within an overhang on the far end of the house. 'Spooky' animals? I live with four cats {including a black one}, several rats, a cerberean dog, a tarantula, and a snake.

The herd actually purchase synthetic webbing, wolves, rubber bats, rats, spiders, and snakes. The fearful herd purchase faux creatures to ornament their displays, failing to recognize the innate beauty of these predatory beasts, are unable to resonate, for they themselves are of the prey-type.

I have a 'skeletal tree' as well out at Satan's Hollow, My pleasantly overgrown natural private environment behind The House, or what I refer to as "Blackthorne Manor", My personal quarters as "The Noctuary".

With the exception of those more imaginative and enthusiastic of the holiday, the herd place goofball tchotchkes tackily arranged.

Haunted? I would say assuredly so. I have chronologued quite a few spectral manifestations occurring hereabouts. Although it has been stated that I Myself 'haunt' The House, and scare the ghosts! Many Satanists enjoy The Lair's reputation as a "devil house", or "haunted house", with any venturing plebeians rushing by, and some even "crossing themselves".

The herd purchase inflatable ghouls and paper 'ghosts' for their clonish manicured lawns.

'Spooky' Music? I frequently listen to some of the orchestral and classical compositions typically touted as 'scary' by the herd, the majority of whom I Am sure do not even know the names of those masterpieces. I listen to these pieces from time to time not merely because they are "scary", but because they are genuinely appreciated.


Observe some of the amazing artistry at graveyards, the peaceful surroundings, the ornate edifices, and ponder the great indulgence that is life. Any members of the herd you may see will be in black, so even they will be more visually pleasing than their usual programmed appearance. I actually have erected a couple of tribute markers listing the name/s of some immortal legends of arcana.

The herd purchase foam 'gravestones' with hack inscriptions.

Storms & The Night

I do favor overcast and stormy weather, which occurs with more and more frequency the longer I reside here, which seems to occur increasingly upon a relocation, in the relatively immediate area. I prefer the night hours, and frequently awaken at dusk to the sound of My hellhound's howls.

Looks that kill!

The Satanist's preference for elegance, and as we know, you cannot go wrong with black! A leather trench coat, canes, suits, a nice form-fitting dress for witches, accentuating her cleavage and figure - the 'bombshell' appearance with which to work her glamor and charms. Tasteful jewelry in quality and placement.

I have actually seen certain costumes and masks which resemble Myself and other Satanists, from vampires, warlocks, witches, to various fiends, though they lack the elegance, charm, intelligence, and etiquette of the real issue.

In a rather pleasing development, there are increasingly fetishistically-appealing Halloween costumes on the market now. Taking all those comical characters and granting them a sexy twist, inclusive of lingerie. This is also encouraged.


Traditionally, Halloween is a festival of the dead. A commemoration to remember ancestors and loved ones. A wonderful way to do so would be to go out and have a great time at some of those amusing professional commercial events in their name and remembrance, or enacting something that is directly pertinent to them - perhaps to a favorite location and activity; would also be a perfect time to actually go out to their graves if possible, and place a gift or offering up as a gesture of recognition and respect, inclusive of cleaning the grave up a bit. Even have a picnic.

Anton Szandor LaVey in Memoriam

In My opinion, the best way to honor Dr. LaVey's memory is to live by the principles of Satanism to the fullest - to be a living example. For a Satanist, this is inherent. And perhaps sometime during your Halloween festivities, lift up a glass of bourbon {which was his favorite} in his name. You may also wish to view and/or listen to his various creations {CD's: Satan Takes A Holiday, The Satanic Mass; DVD: Satanis, Rosemary's Baby, The Devil's Rain; VHS: Speak of The Devil} to reflect upon his legacy and immortal legend.

Magically, it is an excellent time to experiment with necromantic rites and devices, if so inclined. I wrote a Sabbath Rite in Dracomeroth for these holidays, like Walpurgisnacht also, which I have found to be tremendously empowering.

All Hallow's Ev'n

The Halloween tradition is a long & varied one, spanning the centuries, with its origins deriving around the globe. Traditionally, it has been considered a time to reflect upon ancestors & loved ones. However, every culture has their own representation of the honoring of the dead.

Some choose to make it their new year, donning forms of that which they wish to become eventually.

A time to focus on life goals & aspirations.

Halloween is a time of transformation {lycanthropic & reflective}, & evolution. mirrored in the Tarot's 'Death' card, which represents change.

Death is the great abstinence. Life, the great Indulgence. Satanists have a propensity to collect memento moris which remind us of this. Conversely, images of pleasure grant perspectives towards the appreciation of life.

Symbolically attire yourself in the form you wish to become. An ideal time to "plant a seed" as it were. Perhaps perform a ritual in which you bury some coins of whatever purpose along with a parchment, ideally, within thirteen days preceding, on, & after Samhein itself, when the veil is the thinnest.

Conversely, Halloween's exact opposite on the calendar, the Spring season, is a time for the revelry of life, & for passion & loving, when FLESH is symbolically dominant over 'spirit'. Considering this, it is no wonder The Church of Satan was founded on Walpurgisnacht!


A Halloween Exorcism
: Along with adorning oneself as a favorite character and a life situation you wish to symbolically manifest; there's also the option of dressing up like an unliked or hated person, then acting them out in an exaggerated form, which would serve both to get it out of your system, as well as provide some additional energy which can be useful in The Ritual Chamber. This is psychologically beneficial, and would provide some diabolic justice as well.

Still, that does not deterr us from extending our will the rest of the year, not only because The Gates remain routinely ajar for Us, by accessing certain 'keys', but Halloween is pretty much every day for the Satanist.

It's all in the symbolism & personal meanings to each individual. One's 'Unholyday" is another's holiday.


Children, being purely natural beings, adore Halloween. Unless indignated by brainwashed blindlighter paranoiac parents.

This past Hallows, as I was on My way to Halloween festivities, I passed by a "Halleluiah Night" sponsored by some xoid church, which appeared to be the most boring & holy-watered down thing I've ever seen! xians routinely attempt to replicate secular & Satanic artistic expressions, whether music or events, but fail miserably at anything WORTHWHILE.

They are always quite a joke. Lucifer must be the "Minister of Music", for anything devoid of "his" influence is just plainly BAD. This is known.

Verily, to raise an innocent child in such a bland & repressive environment will only serve to retard their development.

To see Trick-or-Treaters run about vigorously, with such joy in their eyes, & laughter echoing through the streets, then gathering & ghoulishly consuming their candy joyfully - how is this "evil"? The simple answer is, IT IS NOT. Though xians corrupt this wonderful Pagan holiday towards their own enslaving ends. Just another tradition to label "sinful"; just another manipulation to implant guilt with. There is no 'sin'. There is no crime.

In fact, playing "dress-up" & pretending is in the fundamental nature of the human beast. xians do it when they 'pray', although they really believe it to be real. Satanists do it, unhypocritically & with realization. All religions do it in one form or another, thus preserving left-brain activation. But where blindlighter religions isolate left hemisphere from right, thus DUALISM; in The Satanist, they are merged into one whole. Cooperative, edifying, healthy.

Happy Birthday Halloween!

When the doors close for the herd until next year, only parting for reasons we see fit to exercise, they return to their mediocrity and programmed sub-"existence". Some of the cultural traditions are useful for amusement and exploitation, as in "Entertain Me!", with their impersonations and amateurish displays.

For us, the party continues, and to us, many of the elements of Halloween are perpetual, continuing as un-usual, and as such, perhaps it would be more appropriate to regard this "unholyday" as 'Helloween', establishing a crucial distinction between the chintzy consumer products fed to the masses, and the truly diabolical recognition of what this concept represents. Anyone who has ever had the honor of witnessing, attending, or practicing a true Satanic rite will attest that even the most exaggerated spectacles of the season pale in comparison to the profoundly personal and glorious experience of the event, with the subsequent The Is-To-Be, these provide throughout the year.

Of course, this is not to take away from the fun-fear of the various thrill constructs erected; as a matter of fact, a Satanist being a lover of life, can derive an elevated sense of entertainment in perspective.

Let it be known that October 31st is but Halloween's Birthday, celebrating the Satanic aesthetic with much festivity; its dynamics constantly evolving in our minds and environments. The effervescent current remains, and has even been at some points actually subtly visible in the atmosphere...

The herd should be afraid on this night, as living nightmares conjured rise to haunt them, lingering on through the year in the shadowy subconscious of their malleable minds. Comrades should be gratified with contemplation, application, amusement, and pleasure, thus being overall empowering. And children should exist in unfettered wonder and joy.

May the celebrations begin! Halloween is here to stay, & fortunate are those who partake in this Halloween "spirit"! Hail Halloween! Hail Satan! ∞