October 3rd, 2014


Mark of The Dragon

So, what does The Devil use for a book mark?

I recently came into possession of this fine little item - four in fact, to mark the "four winds", one of the elements this totemic archetype is said to represent - so one of them is presently within My hardbound personalized Satanic Bible upon The Invocation To Satan. The serpentine dragon descends through the clouds unto The Black Earth {"As Above, So Below"}...

Thin as a razor with imperial elegance, accompanied with a red tassel, this is a very fine way to preserve one's place in one's choice literature.

I used to make bookmarks out of the shed skin of My naga {snake} by wrapping it around a blank bookmark preserved in a sleeve - it worked remarkably well, too. ∞

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel



Description: "Dracomole" is a combination of both mashed and chunky avocado, melted cheese {preferably either Muenster, brie or cream}, with salsa and/or chili. This can be served like fondue, or as a topping for Autumn Chips, french fries or potato wedges, or dip for pretzels, crackers, even as a pizza topping. ∞


  • Avocados {2 or more}.
  • At least 1 diced onion.
  • At least 1 diced tomato.
  • Chunk-style salsa with desired spiciness of one's choosing.
  • Chunky Chili {with or without meat}.
  • Muenster {"Monster"}, or brie, or cream cheese, or Monterrey Jack. Otherwise whichever other is pleasing to the pallet.
  • Optional: Refried beans.
  • Sour Cream.
  • Seasoned Salt {1-2 good shakes to taste}.
  • Optional: Bacon chunks and/or ground beef.

  • Heat salsa and chili under low heat in crock pot, cauldron, or deep pan until simmering.
  • Add cubed cheese to melt.
  • The pureed avocado is prepared and preserved separately {one may add diced onions and tomatoes}, left at room temperature {seasoned salt added optionally}.
  • The other ingredients are added to the mix, topped with the chunks.
  • Add sour cream for desired consistency {none to less for thickness, or more for a creamier result}, or top finished dish with a dollop as desired.
  • Extra additions may include bits of bacon or ground beef.

Warning: Beware, do not mistake the edrozeba for the felengra!