October 1st, 2014


Guacamame dip


Guacamame Spicy Edamame Dip
Trader Joe's

What is this cacamamie amalgamation?

From the veritable "Addams Family Food Shoppe" comes this curious confection made with soybeans and tofu, to replicate guacamole; and although the genuine article is preferred*, this makes for an interesting alternative for those who find guacamole too heavy, or some such. Compared to guacamole, this 'guacamame' is a bit blander, but does make for a suitable dip, depending upon what it is combined with, whether it be chips, crackers, pretzels, or even toasted garlic bread. So I decided to try it on pizza*, which worked quite well, combined with a bit of sriracha sauce and salad.

Personally, I prefer actual avocado, but this is not altogether disappointing. ∞

* Guacamole on pizza is scrumptious; also delectable with avocado slices.

Coat of Arms

Wicked Wednesday

Wednesday & Lumpy Addams at The Ball.

So this year's 1st of 'Dractober' begins on a Wicked Wednesday. Now this makes for a so-called "Hump Day", as I've heard the day of the week referred to. You see, the image contains Wednesday, and Lumpy has a hump. ∞

Additionally, these alternate horror-themed references to the days/nights of the week:

Malefick Moonday / Morbid Monday
Terror Tuesday
Wicked Wednesday
winged skull, vampire, predator

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Truly, the most beautiful times of the year are the Autumn and Winter months for Me, but I Am partial just a wee bit more to Autumn, with its leaves in shades of brown, yellow, orange... the blackened skeletal trees thrusting up into an overcast sky, the chilling wind, the harvest moon... Besides, some of the most interesting artifacts are more readily available now, and the world seems, if only for a season, transformed into a delightful work of darkened art - granted, Halloween is all year for Me, and I do most of My decorative shopping through mail-order from obscure sources, plus that which is hand-hewn, the "Black Arts & Witch Crafts" as it were - yet outside the window one can see and feel the change in the environment, as one looks amusingly towards the societal reflections herein... such wonderful evocation. The smiling and scowling images, the joyful Jack O' Lantern in his eternal rictus, the flickering black candles, the sounds of laughing children at play, the ominous soundscapes, and the scents of incense and baking confections, the visible energy in the atmosphere, the glimmer in a dear loved one's and beloved familiar's eyes, and those things that go bump in the night. Such Magic fills one to the brim, inspiring sublime meditative introspection - the grace is all-pervasive, as shadows form shapes in the darkness...

Strength Through Joy. It feels like Halloween again...

The Shadowmancy Room
{Ideal for Friday the 13th as well!}

From personal experience, I have found such superstitious materializations such as the black cat crossing one's path as omens of good tidings, and more often than not, I experience a spot of good fortune. This day also reminds Me of a room I constructed once I labeled, "The Shadowmancy Room", where I had positioned a ladder over and around the doorway, that any who entered would automatically have to walk under it; a black cat wandering about therein, and three cracked mirrors on each wall, a pentagram in the center of the room; and the crowning glory, a number 13 inscribed outside the doorway. All to test and reveal stuporstition in people, and it had a profound effect. Even though this was on Halloween, for even in the rest of the year no-one would venture near The Noctuary as it was, but even with the promise of sweets, it still seemed too daunting for the herd.

So this coming Halloween, if you are contemplating creating a Haunted House attraction, try it out. Construct a room with these specifications, that the trick-or-treaters may have to endure the dark psyche of their own shadow sides, that their greed and gluttony may be rewarded only by traversing this nightmarish dimension, with the candy resting in a bowl {or cauldron} in The Devil's hand only to be extracted by bending down and reaching unto His grasp.

Pose with The Devil!

Setting up a demonic throne where Halloween night-farers may pose with The Devil, like they would with Santa Claus for xmas. Would this not make a wonderful idea for herd malls, to hire actors in these places who pose for memorable photographs in remembrance of many Merry Halloweens...

My treat, your trick!

Fiendishly alternative and lokian method to dispense with "trick or treat" delights...

Considering it is now the Halloween season, starting around mid-August, I have begun pondering adequate "tricks" to be dispensed as well as "treats" to those deserving of whichever one. I feel that if you impress Me with your costume, you deserve a prize, and will receive a most delectable one; but if your costume is some chintzy variation or worse yet, not even wearing a costume, in what basically amounts to pretentious begging, then you deserve a trick. Now, considering that we live in a society that does not condone certain extreme expressions, and taking into consideration one's peace of mind and self-preservation instincts, I have found an interesting option which is also quite a hoot.

Condiments preserved in a special basket to be dispensed onto trick-or-treaters - to those who would deserve it, of course. Obnoxious and rude brats in particular. Just imagine the looks on their faces when they get back home and empty their bags onto the table and see a plethora of catchup, mustard, relish, mayonnaise, crackers, soy sauce, creamer, and lemon juice spilling forth. "Goblin Candy", as it were. But it is perfectly edible if they wish, sealed of course, and just hilarious.

These may also contain fun Halloween themes:

Catchup: "Blood".
Mustard: "Goblin drool".
Mayonnaise: "Ecto-plasm", "eye juice", or "pus".
Relish: "Gremlin vomit" or "innard scrapings".
Creamer: "Ghost face".
Soy sauce: "Zombie bile".

So there is still enough time to save up all those little packets for distribution, if you happen to even be home on that enchanting night, that is.

For the contemplation of those who have crossed into the realms of eternal darkness...

Another interesting option for Halloween could perhaps be dressing in a manner respective of someone who had died in that year, be it a celebrity, politician, religious figure, or even a relative or ancestor {recently departed or historical}, if so persuaded. Peruse the year's obituaries for some cues.

Sinful Samhain

There has been a pleasing development among costumes in recent evolutions. In many cases, it is now possible to find "sexy", alluring variations of horror & various character ornamentation, which should be encouraged among the female populace {otherwise only if a male can carry it off well enough to completion}, while males should be adorned in terrifying or comical costumes - the juxtaposition is quite striking.

Devils, Witches, and Morticias {just look to Party City, Halloween Town, Spirit Halloween, etc., even your local store for an indication of some of the delightfully fetishistic costumes} are always a win, but also consider some of the lately deceased inclusive of donning the accoutrements of various inventions, characters, and even humorous objects associated with them. In the Unpop Art 'spirit', also consider donning the projected attire of some erstwhile societal stereotypes.

Halloween fetish wear: Get an eyeball full! It is well to take advantage of these more widely available costumes now, for private 'tricks & treats' beyond the helliday as well; although it is pleasing to consider that these outfits are more readily available throughout the year, more ever than before, that is. It behooves to take advantage of the convenience.

Putting the fun in fun-eral

For fun & games, or more concentrated pursuits. In an even farther effort, it is known that this is a most conducive time of year for necromantic workings, with the utilization of the ouija board and perhaps attending a seance. If you are so inclined, while in the mode of dress of this ancestor or an otherwise personage, operate these devices and prepare for a rush of altered consciousness when your mind is fully opened to deeply subconscious influence.

Halloween Squash Ideas

Alternative suggestions to bring 'Ol Jack back to life!

There is no reason why pumpkins need be the only squash that is decorated for the Halloween season. Along with the traditional, I suggest incorporating the following types of squash - sort of like Jack O' Lantern and his little friends - might make for a splendid Hell scene with these little ones made into demons, and the largest, The Dark Prince.

The acorn squash, appropriately named, I feel - considering it was the acorn that was folklorically seen as being associated with The Devil; and the dark color would be an addition to, or alternative to the ubiquitous pumpkin. And it would appear really marvelous blending into the shadows with eyes aglow with a black candle burning within.

Then there is the turban, which upon first impression, looks like a brain, and could also be foreseeably carved into the likeness of Cthulhu, with the bulbous head and slender mouth area, which could depict tentacles.

The hubbard squash looks like it could be impressively fashioned into the image of a mummy, haggard 'witch', zombie, considering the color and skin texture thereof.

Nightmares for Xmas

For those residing in such an environment, suggestions on what to do with some of that accumulating snow.

It occurred to Me this night, in the spirit of The Nightmare Before Christmas, that for this impending Winter Solstice, instead of the stereotypical snowman, why not extend this idea to incorporate amusing images of Halloween thereupon? For instance, a "Snow Witch", or "Snow Devil", or "Snow Vampire" - just by merely applying the appropriate modifications to the common snowman by adding a hat & broomstick, horns, tail, & pitchfork, fangs & widow's peak, physical characteristics, etcetera, even utilizing food coloring. It would be fun and imaginative, and definitely attract attention.

Conversely, for those who frequent the beach, the same applications may be used, except with sand. "Sand Witch, Devil, Vampire", etc.

[If you would like to provide photos and/or videos of your Halloween Solstice creations, and otherwise utilizing the above suggestions, I would be pleased to publish them in The Devil's Diary. Send to WarlockBlackthorne@yahoo.com].