September 28th, 2014


Mizuho Roasted Hot Green Peas


Mizuho Roasted Hot Green Peas
Wasabi Mame

In My opinion, as a new experience, it behooves the Satanist to sample a variety of other cultural delicacies and treats. However, depending upon individual disposition, this confection could be either a treat, or a trick.

When most people in Western societies think of peas, they are usually served soft and warm, but they can be eaten hard as well, with some preparation. I had the opportunity to sample these 'snackfrifices' tonight. They give the impression of peanuts, but are actually green peas prepared like roasted peanuts, with wasabi baked all around them like a cocoon. They sort of look like little alien eggs, and have a tendency to creep up on the taste buds. Some seem to be 'hotter' than others, and the flavor is unmistakable, sometimes coursing up into the nostrils. For those unfamiliar with wasabi, it is essentially horseradish, commonly served with a variety of Asian dishes, and is definitely an acquired taste.

These may actually go well to accompany Drac Suey, if so inclined. Experiment forthcoming. ∞

Update 9/29: Poured some of these into tonight's 'Drac Suey' repast, and the results are tremendous. They do complement the various flavors therein - from the soy sauce to even Sriracha. They soften a bit, and operate almost like croutons. Also ideal for salad. ∞