September 7th, 2014


NOW AVAILABLE! The Secret Life of A Satanist [expanded edition]


The Secret Life Of a Satanist

The Authorized Biography of Anton Szandor LaVey

By Blanche Barton

An insider’s view of the iconoclastic man who founded the Church of Satan and wrote The Satanic Bible.

After the original publication of this biography in 1990, Anton LaVey and Blanche Barton fought through the “Satanic Panic” together, guiding the Church for another seven years. In this revised, expanded edition, Barton takes you inside the walls of the fabled Black House to candidly share her experience of LaVey’s struggles and triumphs during his final years. This new volume provides additional rare images, offering insights into the unusual life of this provocative pioneer of individualism.

Now available:




TV is a Circus


Bring in the clowns...

Just found the title of the song somewhat appropriately amusing; yet even so, the caliber of these pre-2k performers outmatch the majority of post-2k presentations in talent, class, wit, and style. With the continual mediocre degradation of entertainment fair, it will eventually catch up to the herd upon icon departures, when all that is left are semi-semblances of previous performers. On the other hand, thank Satan the latter can be ignored with a preference for timelessly superior presentations of one's choosing, be it films, serials, or music. ∞

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From Drac's Vault...


Upon recent news about Joan Rivers, I thought of this interview featuring HP Maga Peggy Nadramia conducted on Halloween of XXVI A.S., which I had recorded on My "Satan tape"*. Also spotted in the audience is Magister Nemo {proudly holding The Church of Satan book by Magistra Blanche Barton}, and Rex Diabolos Church. ∞
* Much of which is in the Church of Satan Interview Archive.

Here is an interview & performance by The Cult [c. 'Electric'] on Ian Astbury's birthday, wherein they perform 'Lil' Devil' and 'Born To Be Wild':

...An interview with Gwar {whether or not you like the music, they sure put on a show, including veritable 'Black Masses' by slaughtering societal 'sacred cows', as it were}:

...and a show about cinematic representations of Vampires and blood fetishism, plus more; all of which are preserved on VHS. ∞

Now, what is My opinion about the hostess? Well, to Me, whenever I heard of her, she was just some gossip queen, which was her schtick. Other than that, I really never paid attention to her antics. But at least there were these interviews and performances on her show.


Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Charming tales of Dracling fane enjoyed forever. I have the pleasure to possess these whimsical books tucked in The Library, and listening along to the audio book version is also a delight. Wonderful illustrations by a favorite artist Stephen Gammell. ∞

* As an extra treat, The House That Drac Built by Judy Sierra, with illustrations by Will Hillenbrand. {H/T Domenico Garzarella}

* Dracommendations: Also see Halloween Poems by Myra Cohn Livingston, with illustrations by Stephen Gammell; and Best Witches by Jane Yolen, illustrations by Elise Primavera.