August 7th, 2014


Chick trading tracts

Just recently, as i made My way from acquiring provisions at a local market, I was approached by two religious proselytizers. Normally, I do not engage the kind {they are normally ignored, whether on the street or at the door}, preferring to mind My own business and go on My way; but these two were rather persistent - so being that I did not have anything particularly pending at the time, I decided to have a little fun with the proposition.

One of them produced a typical Chick booklet entitled "This Was Your Life" - I inquired as to whether or not they had any additional tracts to add to My collection {I tend to collect these propaganda comics, you see, for My own personal amusement, sort of like 'trading cards', as it were}, but they apparently did not, but did take out another booklet entitled "God Loves The Sinner, But Not The Sin" by 'Luna Printing', containing the same general amount of conversion attempts.

So when I received the booklets, I then matter-of-factly asked, "Do I get My free wishes?" At which point dry smiles followed. I particularly noticed one of them spotting My Baphomet ring as well as probably My "Satan" tag zipper pull I use for My black leather carrying bag - but by then, it was too late. I "asked" for money - whatever additional energy can be used by the Sorcerer for One's purposes is employable to bring about One's Will.

I Am not usually approached by the types, but well, at least they were polite. Overall, thanks, but no thanks. ∞