August 1st, 2014


Some Halloween possessions thusfar...

Such a pleasure to witness the first strains of Autumn manifest as I watched three orange leaves fall to the earth - before long, the breezes will swipe many such leaves across the sidewalks and streets, heralding the emergence of the Halloween season; some to be collected for decorative purposes for The Altar of Satan.

But even before this, a perusal at a local store brought ghoulish delight as an entire aisle is now dedicated to that wonderful 'unholiday' of Samhain. It was a delight to possess several items for The Noctuary, including two statuettes of ravens perched, one upon a jack o' lantern, and the other upon a grinning skull, which make for splendid bookends; another mask complimenting My collection of representations of The Infernal Names in Dracula, with a Vampiric mask displaying a rictus; the essential supplies of various household items such as bowls and cups elegantly etched with a glossed spiderweb design upon matte {reminiscent of The Addams Family complete series set - "off black", as it were}; a black jack o' lantern {or 'Drac O' Lantern', considering the fangs*} added to The Altar for now, as well as two lovely black branches {with what appear to be thorns, resembling Krampus brambles bedecked with black ribbons} to flank the carven Baphomet sigil; and of course, the mandatory black light bulbs. Other items soon to be obtained shall be the restocking of black candles when made available.

Yes, 'Falloween' is well on its way. ∞

* I have noticed as of late the prevalence of a "black opal" look to some items such as these, glittering in the candlelight, which seems most appropriate, considering the black opal is the veritable jewel of Satan.