March 2nd, 2014


Black Book of Shadows Devilutions

Several Magical Workings coming to fruition:

  • Ecomancy: Favorable weather conditions stimulated for environmental replenishment and subsequent alleviation of pluvial and alluvial desiccation. More torrents to follow. {Honor unto Chaac, Tlaloc}.
  • Benediction: Diabolical Machinations initiated to acquire certain pecuniary accumulation with instantaneous results upon the intended target. {Honor unto Mammon}.
  • Malediction: A certain 'union' bearing three syllables and a six letter acronym on the verge of scandal and disrepute, to reveal fraud, misappropriation of funds, and political favoritism to dissolve, with punitive action upon instigators. Two sacrifices in particular shall meet with destitution and all manner of disease, accident, and violence. {Honor unto Abaddon, who feasts upon their minds and bodies}. Update [10/2/XLIX]: One of the sacrifices is no longer employed therein - a sudden unexplainable disappearance along with a degradation of peer relation. More to follow. Hail Satan!
  • Malediction: Despite groveling in prayer, wastrel afflicted with cancerous malady deservedly continues to suffer in anguish, writhing in pain, with rapid degradation resulting in ultimate demise due to illness. {Honor unto Kali, Sekhmet - thou who poisons the blood and draweth lifeforce of enemies}
More Devilutions as details are revealed. HAIL SATAN. ∞