February 23rd, 2014


Lust is in the air...

Just recently on the way back from a Constitutional I was unexpectedly complemented with what would be considered a so-called "cat call", as I stood and waited for the light to turn green. The words "the light's green, baby!" proceeded from a nearby restaurant; considering I was the only one at the stoplight, this was obviously intended for Me. This type of thing has happened a minimal amount of occasions, and I feel pleased to hear it. It may even be considered a 'mating signal', and if I Am so inclined, it would be reciprocated. Despite the usual fear, trepidation, and confusion, it is actually nice to know My aesthetics are appreciated from time to time.

Additionally, I was recently paid another complement with the voluntary information provided by an acquaintance that she pleasured herself to a photo of Myself. It was also appreciated that she was honest enough to admit it. ∞


Drac's Autumn Chips

Off the top of My horns, for Halloweenophiles, a suggestion for the next Halloween event, or just anytime:

As I was contemplating a devilicious honey-baked chip {which resembles barbeque chips}, when with sudden inspiration, I considered how the coloration resembles that found in Fall leaves, and thought that would it not be remarkable if these were cut into the shapes of said Fall leaves?

These can probably be most easily done with tortilla chips, being that the corn is pretty soft, and many can be prepared at a time. There are leaf cutouts for cookies {and Halloween shapes, of course}, but this can also be applied towards said corn. They already turn shades of orange and brown, with spices added while still cooling {Lawry's seasoned/'seasonal' salt works great, perhaps with a little paprika or chili powder}. A pack of corn tortillas come in plentiful amounts, so it assuredly would be enough for a party. Just use several at a time {extra pieces can be added as well}, cut into shape and add to boiling oil until lightly browned. Remove with metal spatula or tongs onto metal or ceramic container {baking tray works fine} with paper towel surface covering and wrapping to absorb excess oil. Present on Autumnal / Halloween platter/plates and serve.

Amusingly, adding to the effect by resembling leaves fallen onto the earth, another option would be to make a sort of "nachos" by adding ground beef {earth}, re-fried beans, cheese, salsa, avocado {either on top or as dip on the side}, sour cream, salsa, olives, jalapenos, perhaps parsley or cilantro for 'grass', whatever suits your fancy.

Enjoy. ∞