February 16th, 2014


Maleficent inspiration

* The real Maleficent: The surprising human face behind the “Sleeping Beauty” villain

Not too surprised that Vampira is the physical inspiration of Maleficent's face and general body structure, and the representation of her wielding the hellement of fire seems quite appropriate after all, considering she also represents the Fire element as one of The Four Crown Queens of Helloween. Being the primary progenitor of this most appealing look, not only was she the inspiration for The evil Sorceress, but several other characters since, Elvira being the most obvious. Beyond depictions of the slavering, Vampira brought a sensual dark glamor to the vampire, even witch portrayals which cannot be denied*, transmitting her form and personality across the airwaves on KABC, premiering on no less than Walpurgisnacht, as a veritable working in its own right, as the salacious vixen of the night.

I was pleased to visit an exhibit in Hollywood fairly recently, and it sure was nice to see her receiving the credit she deserves.

I recall that when I first saw this film, I was particularly impressed by the transformation scene wherein she becomes the black dragon. On the subject of comparisons, have you ever noticed the similarity between Maleficent's horns and that of Legend's Lord Darkness?

If you venture towards The Magic Kingdom and decide to take a ride with Mr. Toad, whatever you do, do not look behind you! ∞

* To a lesser extent, alluring Gale Sondergaard who was to be the original Wicked Witch of The West, refused the role when producers decided to use the more fearsome appearance.