February 14th, 2014

Coat of Arms

Huell's Houser

So it seems Huell's 29 Palms home is for sale. Personally, it's not My style, too desert environment oriented, but I hope whoever does purchase it retains its integrity*. At least it is nearby the Kingdom of Cabazonia.

For a house that size, it only contains two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms sitting on 11.9 acres, surrounded in palm trees with several niches inside and out displaying oblong little monoliths; almost Martian-like in appearance. Of course, there is a pool, whose shape sort of resembles the state of California, with the California flag nearby fluttering high atop an actual flag pole in the breeze; and as a funny side note, a plaque of the California seal displayed over the commode. From the look of it all, it sort of looks like Emperor Norton could have been the architect! ∞

* However, his other former home atop a volcano between LA & Las Vegas looks preferably more like a villain's lair. Could it be... ¿Zzyzx? He eventually donated it to Chapman University rather than sell.