February 13th, 2014



Capricorn by DBlackthorne on deviantART

Demonic Zodiac series: 'Capricorn', or "The Sea Goat" is represented here as a mighty beast emerging from the black waters amidst the storm, upon the rocks near the shore where many an ocean fairer has perished. Tentacled and with flesh-rendering claws, this Leviathan seems straight up from the River Styx. Tales of fearsome sea monsters told by sailors and pirates alike haunt the darkened night, even amongst the beam of the lighthouse, which is lost in the fog.

This depiction also brings to mind Shub-Niggurath of Lovecraftian lore, probably one of the most occult creatures in the Cthulhu pantheon. ∞


Dracmas toll

The Dracmas toll this year has been pentagonal:
  • 1/29,30: Two separate ship collisions off the coast of Singapore, marking the beginning of a strange series of collisions in a 13 day range.
  • 2/1: Mount Sinabung Volcano eruption in Indonesia kills 14, thousands evacuated, sending lava & rock flows up to 3 miles.
  • 2/2: 6.1 magnitude Earthquake in Kefalonia, Greece.
  • 2/15: Magnitude 6.9 earthquake in Xinjiang, China.
  • As an extra bonus, I learned that a certain cursed rotten wastrel has contracted cancer, and it is totally deserved. Hail Satan!
More evilutions as they are made known. ∞


Salsa of The Beast

While going for a 'snackrifice', amused this afternoon to find the amount of grams in this container of salsa is 666g. Such little 'coincidence' seems to find Me all the time - all one has to do is look. ∞