February 11th, 2014

Coat of Arms

Olympic souvenirs

Contingent on this post, I have also recently learned that some 'marathon trials' will take place in LA. Not that it is of any pertinence to Myself personally, but it does remind Me of an unscheduled trip to the LA Stadium with the Y - a decision based on the counselors some weekday morning. Since I found Myself there that afternoon, it came to the attention of some of the campers that the soccer players there {one team from an African country, I believe either Kenya or Nigeria; and the other from a Scandinavian country}, were dispensing with complementary souvenirs like buttons and pins, even specialty coins representing the Olympics, as well as the particular team. So just for the Hell of it, Myself and two other campers went to the bleacher area closest to the sidelines to see if we could acquire any of these items. Graciously, we received all of the above from both teams. These currently reside with My Mother. ∞

As a side note, one lovely perky redhead was quite eager to possess one of these items from Me {I actually happened to have had an extra pin}, invited Me into her compact truck camper for gratifyingly mutual 'persuasion', as it were, and I eagerly obliged.