February 1st, 2014

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

A Draconian Toast!

Dracmas XLIX

May The Devil's carnal delights bring myriad ecstasies & indulgence sublime...
May philtres be plentiful, cups filled to the brim
May confections be bountiful, hearty and with favorite treats
May favored minstrels and spectacles gratify thy senses
Thy Lair filled with the pleasures and treasures of your chosen kind
May allies be loyal, potent comrades-in-arms, with detractors smitten, doing no harm
May you grow in strength, wisdom, knowledge, and Power, every night, every hour
By black candle's flame, may thy wishes come true, savored in decadence all the year through
In prolific continuance, may thy imagination ever flow, forging reality to and fro
As the phoenix rises, and the serpent sheds, so The Black Dragon is reborn in unending Might!

So it has been, so it is, so it shall ever be.

Hail Draconis! Hail Satan! SO IT IS DONE. ∞