January 17th, 2014


To Blazes!

Too bad the lawn ornament was not equipped with a hose, to aid with sprinkler capabilities. The perforations in the hands and feet could have contributed to abating the blaze, if just a small bit.

So there was this so-called "Colby Fire" yesterday in Glendora, some former haunting grounds, if only for the attendance at Citrus College for a while, with APU right next to it*. Apparently, three vagrants were fueling a campfire with paper when a breeze blew up and carried the flames to the local brush. The only notable structure lost was the historic Singer Mansion, a remmus home for the Singer family, of the Singer sewing machine legacy, of which My Mother has one. I was concerned really only about Rubel Castle when I learned of the scale of the burning, but fortunately, it is way too far down the foothills to be affected. ∞

* It was momentarily jested that would it not be comical if that unsightly cross overshadowing the Citrus wall would catch ablaze once and for all.