November 23rd, 2013

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The Slayer

The Slayer
XVI A.S. Directed & Written by J.S. Cardone, Bill Ewing (screenplay). Acting Sarah Kendall {Kay}, Frederick Flynn {Eric}, Carol Kottenbrook {Brooke}, Alan McRae {David}.

Two showbiz couples Kay, Eric, Brooke, & David arrive via plane {with a 'questionable' pilot} on a deserted island for a "vacation", yet there is no outside communication thereon, and no transportation off the isle for at least two weeks, plus they have to walk a mile to their destination {not so bad, but for an erstwhile 'vacation'?}, which from the outside, appears to be an abandoned beach house, sort of haunted looking, not too bad, and with a rustic charm - but upon entering, is actually quite accommodating, with a generous supply of amenities, including a nice selection of liquor, food, and cigarettes.

Kay is a surrealist artist who has been haunted by nightmares for years, in a seemingly precognitive, almost oneiromantic succession of incidents manifesting and realized by deja vu, yet no one believes her warnings or sensations of dread. She even had painted a couple of locations there, but to no avail. One by one her friends meet with a grisly demise, from impalement to a hanging decapitation, to a hooking and drowning. A random fisherman eviscerating fish on the beach gets his skull split by an oar.

Amidst a raging storm, finally finding herself alone, it turns into a latch-ditch effort of survival as the horror in her dream comes to life like a 'tulpa' {thought-form} that ultimately fulfills her terror. Quite an impressive materialization indeed. ∞