November 7th, 2013


KR: The Scent of Roses


The Scent of Roses

The grievous episode, which I have been known to skip, but watching it tonight, thought I would offer some commentary, which I had been meaning to do for awhile that I feel needs to be stated, which may be shared by others who appreciate this series.

Even as a virtual personified force of nature, it seems that Michael has to just about die to get a vacation - and even when he finally does get some time off while just being released from the hospital after being shot by some dirtbags, decides to quit FLAG, so Devon and Bonnie decide to being in Stevie to talk some sense into him as a preventative measure lest he do something additionally rash. Mike may actually have the opportunity to be happy for once - one of the things that his heart is set upon, to marry the woman that he actually loves. Then after what seems a few flitting moments, tragedy strikes*.

I've always thought that this episode is just wrong, even unnecessary and gratuitous. KITT should have been scanning the area, even while playing the wedding music, just in case and par the automatic course; and with so many FLAG agents present, there should have been 'guards' posted for security - JUST IN CASE. After all, they were almost blown up with the beach house, not to mention that the whole point of Stevie being in the secretive placement program in the first place is to guard she and Michael against such an event. It has always been a bit disconcerting that for some reason, FLAG's security has been rather lax, like when Garth kidnapped Devon and April, which needn't have ever happened either {understandably, to fulfill the plot, certain 'liberties' are taken to enhance drama, but still - FLAG being elite specialists after all}. Yet knowing this, some worm gets through.

In such a hypothetical situation, Mike and Stevie should have received escort agents all along akin to what certain politicians and 'celebrities' receive, to ensure their safety.

Michael deserves happiness, and as such, I would have rewritten the episode so that even if 'Durant' got through, KITT would have notified of a strange vehicle nearing containing three men with firearms entering the vicinity, at which point FLAG agents mobilize to apprehend and disarm the assailants; or even if they get away, the very knowledge that they attempted to kill Michael and Stevie would have been enough incentive to send Michael into a concerted personal mission to capture Durant, complete with a thorough pummeling. Michael and Stevie do marry, even if the ceremony is temporarily postponed, with added security as needed, then go off on a romantic honeymoon. Michael will eventually return to assignments refreshed, with additional motivation. ∞

Knight Is Right!

* It is in instances like these when the proposition of exchanging one life force for another would be ideal. In such a hypothetical situation, a criminal murderer's life spark given to the victim, thus, payment in full and justice done simultaneously. Literally one life for another with a much more satisfactory result.

Knerd Knotes

It is interesting to ponder that Catherine Hickland and David Hasselhoff were actually married to parallel their characters. Life imitating art? Publicity stunt? Additionally, Hickland would marry an actor with the very same name as Hasselhoff's KR character. Again, publicity stunt, or were these fictional characters so integrated into the actors' psyches, that they manifested the serendipity?