September 13th, 2013

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On Friday the 13th...

Satanic Serenades by Draconis Blackthorne

Suspend Disbelief...

Codex Noctvm: Satanic Serenades are Infernal Reflections upon both vital existence and mythology, written in a beautiful, sometimes terrifying polemical, imaginative Gothic style, which inspires contemplation and darkest entertainment.

Both fictional and non-fictional concepts are contained herein as veritable “diabolical psalms” for those who resonate to The Satanic perspective, and appreciate the sinister aesthetic. Divided into several sections, the black heart poetry of Satanic Serenades features odes, observations, and experiences which will manifest the Dark Side of the mind. Features The Legend of Haunted Devil’s Canyon, Devil Lake, & Devil's Gate, poetic horror anthologies based upon frightening urban legends.

NOW AVAILABLE & Unleashed on Friday the 13th of the 13th year, this pictorial, illustrated edition features poems accompanied by artwork to further accentuate the foreboding travels into the inner mind and outer world.

Suspend disbelief, relax in your blackened candle-lit chamber, as the night unfolds, the fog rolls in, and be taken into a Theater of Nightmares and Shadowy Dreams. Your Hellish journey is about to begin... you have been warned... Enter at your own risk!