August 25th, 2013


Something Wicked this way comes...

Something Wicked this way comes...

Sometimes, the fine misanthropic essay "Entertain Me" from Satan Speaks by Magus LaVey resonates moreso than ever. If I wish to take a constitutional to the store to acquire provisions, the dichotomy between Myself and others becomes most evident. I seem to disturb people by just taking a walk {the sheeple become intimidated, and thus angry at themselves, may project onto the form of their fear}; on a physical level, I stand over 6' tall, tend to weigh between 235-240 lbs. of mostly muscle, and usually dress entirely in black.

The women look intrigued, while the men are comical. One made a sort of sourpuss face, while another over-reacted and began loudly tossing items into a trash bin, and one quietly mentioned to another he recognized Me from a presentation*.

Upon constitutionals, I carry My black leather bag which must stimulate some simplistic speculation - what does he carry in there?; all of which is amusing to Me, and His words as well as My own in the "The Satanist" {The Devil's Scroll} applies as ever.

I can take an invigorating walk and sometimes not be annoyed, but what is out there? Slobs, dregs, schleppes, commoners and proles of all sorts, so I wear My sunglasses to keep them visually obscure, as well as solar proliferation, and wear headphones if possible, while I Am on My way, knowing that the trip will be worth it for My chosen reward to savor upon return. ∞

* It may have been Pact With The Devil, if shown recently; although Interestingly, for some reason, sometimes I have appeared on various obscure shows relating to the occult, evil, etc., when a local news crew goes about town filming random environmental locations. On one such news segment program, the question was asked "Who is this?"