August 6th, 2013


Vandals strike again!

ITEM: Va. church graffiti reads ‘Hail Satan’

Yet another defacement of a church. Perhaps these small businesses should consider erecting a gate around the property, as well as paying taxes, of course. This time, the graffiti of choice was an anarchy symbol, a pentagram, an inverted cross, and the words "Ave Satanas" beneath.

I will take this opportunity to correct some of the misconceptions typically attributed to Satanism throughout the misleading christian propaganda, such as that found in various tracts detailing the misunderstood meanings from occult symbols lists:

  • Anarchy: Satanists do not advocate anarchy, but instead stand for law and order. Chaos and disorganization can be a starting point to build upon towards development and evolution, like the aftermath from a war, but in this case, christianity is a paper tiger, with icons of weakness and servility presented for those with a need to be led, and the type by whatever name called, will continue to exist in one form or another, as it has throughout the centuries. An anarchtic state is temporary until order is introduced by superior individuals of heroic stature.
    But perhaps what this is attempting to state is the chaos of destroying this blindlight religion in favor of a devil-worshipping one, which would basically be replacing the same thing in kind with another shade of worship. However, in this sense, it is obviously a statement of internal turmoil, in the confusion and transition of the vandals themselves, who should perhaps seek a more productive path rather than petty criminal mischief.
    Anarchy is completely anti-productive, whereas organized rebellion is working towards a goal to seek a productive system of regulation.
  • The Pentagram is obviously representative of Satan, The Dark Force in nature, be it psychological or environmental. The hellements, the flesh, The Self enthroned, coalescing in complimentary fortuity.
    In Ninjutsu, it may coincide with Earth, Wind, Water, Fire {with materials spawned therefrom such as Metal and Wood; tools, weapons, etc.}, & 'Void' {in a Satanic sense, this would be Magic, Mind, the Imagination, The Universe, or 'Abyss'}.
  • The Inverted Cross: The more direct and honest inverted cross is an obvious method to recognize devil-worship, and should be substituted instead of the pentagram for them, in My estimation. For it represents the opposing viewpoint within the judeo-christian paradigm. In Satanism however, the only use of an inverse cross is a temporarily formative one utilized in a Black Mass {see book: The Satanic Rituals}, to purge the psyche of remaining blindlight influence in order to evolve towards higher levels of existence.

Now, perhaps the sheeple should not say statements like “You can do whatever you want to this church, you can’t change what’s in the inside”, which may spur further vandalism or even violence. ∞
Satan Sleuth
Ave Satanas,

- Sgt. Daemon