July 29th, 2013



meditatingI wonder how many karate kids wear their gis as pajamas?

There was a co-worker at My Mother's establishment who would often comment "wearing your pajamas today, aye?" whenever he would see Me wearing My gi. At the time, it sort of irked Me a little, but now that I think about it, they do actually make for very comfortable lounge wear {especially the soft cloth versions; black, of course}, as well as weight-training accouterments, if so inclined, and the 'Kung Fu shoes'* make for ideal slippers as well - for not only are they comfortable, but operate utmost in traction, when and if needed for whatever may arise.

Could also be very applicable for ritual robe undergarment wear, especially when assuming the assassin role.

This reminds Me of ads in Black Belt magazine for "action jeans", and "kicking jeans", with extra room in the crotch area to allow for higher kicking, which do come in black. ∞

* With the tabi boots reserved for very special occasions.