July 28th, 2013


Unholy Satanic Panic Trinity pack!


Halloween & Satanism by Phil Phillips & Joan Hake RobieThe Devil's Web: Who Is Stalking Your Children For Satan? by Pat Pulling w/Cathy CawthonIn The Name Of Satan by Wensley Clarkson

An infernal trinity of Satanic Panic books summoned to be added to The Library. I first spotted the first two from a montage in Speak of The Devil with the caption "Someone Isn't Listening..." just prior to Magus LaVey from Satanis elucidating on the subject, which should make for interesting reading in the correct perspective. As to the chick tracts also displayed thereon, these are also collected whenever possible. They are hellarious!

  • 6. Halloween & Satanism by Phil Phillips & Joan Hake Robie: An attractive cover featuring My top favorite Satanic holiday besides Dracmas, about the nefarious origins of this diabolical tradition; and considering it is from a christian stance, the amusement will emerge with the typical inaccuracies, exaggerations, and shock tactics used to frighten the herd and flock. Have not read this one yet, but should provide for entertaining 'horrors', which makes the holiday that much more stimulating. [✓]
  • 6. The Devil's Web: Who Is Stalking Your Children For Satan? by Pat Pulling with Cathy Cawthon: This will most likely be very ironic, considering many of the imagined crimes blamed on diabolists are actually committed by blindlighters. [✓]
  • 6. In The Name Of Satan* by Wensley Clarkson: From the description, looks like to be in the line of what Ricky Kasso would be involved in. Members of a Heavy Metal band named HATRED sacrifice a young girl and all. Classic scenario. [✓]

* Not the Bob Larson book, which despite the great title, is just a guidebook for his style of erstwhile 'exorcists'. However, the televised version by the same name hosted by Larson circa XXX A.S. was remarkable for interviews with Magus Gilmore, Rev. Thomas Thorn, Rex Diabolus Church, and others.

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