July 24th, 2013

Coat of Arms

Zodiac Time Warp

Aquarius El Sembrador Aries

Placed these three paintings on the living room wall tonight, enhancing the gallery effect nicely. These were painted by My Mother, whose work I have always admired. It is very pleasing to have these, and another, in residence.

As a matter of fact, it is recommended that one possess as many evocative items as possible to keep with you always, employing them as appropriate, which provide with a strong connection to that formation as desired in selective physical and mental degrees of timeless evolution.

  • ♒: The first is an adaptation of Aquarius {My zodiac sign; significant of Leviathan, & Neptune / Poseidon, God of The Watery Abyss {Ψ}*. Note the hexagrams in the water signifying "As Above, So Below" yielding lush growth, the Sun Wheel {⊙} upon the corset, and the lightning bolt {ϟ} comprising the bootlaces descending to the firmament of earth, and the symbol for Uranus {♅} included therein.
  • The second piece in the style of Picasso means "The Sower" {which to Me appears like stained glass, and in this environment, reminds Me of the tabernacle decorations in the diabolical church from the film The Devil's Rain; the planter or one who seeds to gain the harvest/bounty}.
  • ♈: The third is Aries {her zodiac sign; represented by the ram; Baphomet, Amon; strength, fecundity}. Note the hexagrams and pentagram combination. ∞

* I'm convinced she acquired an astrological birth chart for Me at some point in time, as one I had configured once out of curiosity also contains all the same relevant symbology. I also happen to have Venus rising {♀: Lust/Love}, the Moon {☽☾: Magic, occult}, Saturn {♄; matter}, and Mercury {☿: messenger} in My configuration.

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Geek Zodiac

Ninja/Samurai: Contingent on the previous entry, for what it is, this so-called "Geek Zodiac" actually called it right! Although technically, a Ninja is for all intensive purposes, also a "wizard", as it were. But really, personality constructs contain elements of all such archetypal characterizations, to lesser and greater extents. While the samurai were more like the military, Ninjas were moreso bounty hunters, 'mystics', and sometimes vigilantes. ∞