July 21st, 2013


Analysis of Evil

An Analysis of Evil
[Originally printed in The Omnis pp. XV, XVI, & Noctuary magazine, c. XXXII A.S.]

"Evil is a bilateral word, and can be applied to anyone who displeases the popular way of thinking at that momentous reign. There are several different variations in the definition of evil. Evil as manifested in the incarnation of a tyrannical leader who embodies all the negative aspects of the human being, thus forcing his/her particular ideologies, theologies, and/or philosophies upon the modes of thoughts of others. A corrupt police state, for example, when there is rampant killing in the name of the government. If it is the law themselves who are committing these heinous atrocities in the name of their sovereign, and/or dictator, then who will stand up to this destructive force, which possesses massive amounts of arsenals, able to obliterate whole countries, much less a person? Its own Evil, their rebels, who have become the heroes and 'saviors' of the people.

Then there is the aftermath these 'great evils' leave behind in their bloodied tracks - widespread devastation, such as famine, disease, and poverty.

Then there is the idea that Evil comes within oneself; an 'inner monster', if you will. The truest evil that exists in the universe is the one that is conjured up within one's own person. Aside from what is presented on television and the silver screen, there are very real evils expending from the minds of twisted individuals,finally enacting their predilections in actions of violence.

Some inner monsters crawl forth in productive ways, at least for the person exercising their personal demons through constructive activities like the writer of a horror novel for instance, who were it not for his or her creative outlet, would be a nightmare to anyone they met. May prisons and asylums are indeed filled with those who have been consumed by their own creatures, and alcohol and/or drugs only make it easier for the beast to escape. No matter how one claims to have their monster on a leash, it cannot be denied that it is there. It shows it horrible head in moments of anger, greed, and lust. But if properly controlled, the beast may act as a catylist to attain all the goals related to that previously mentioned.

Evil, as in the forms of those who would cowardly and purposefully hurt others, sometimes gratuitously so, who are physically weaker than themselves, the little children in particular, who have not yet corporeally developed to defend themselves, are of the most despicable unkind. Most women also, who are unprepared for the involuntarily cruel sexual onslaught that someone has pre-planned for them. Basically, frail individuals. It is unfortunate but true, that those who are gullible and weak will be preyed upon by those who are unmercifully slier, and craftier. We are not speaking about harmless pranks and small-scale deceptions, although they too qualify on a kleiner amount, but those who would threaten their existence upon mother earth. And with their harm, dually effect their loved ones. Take care of thine own and instruct them in the ways of the Martial Arts, to be as self-confident, deciphering, and invincible as yourself, thus being fully able to crush any who would even think of abusing them, much less attempt it.

The OmnisIt is of the utmost importance to be prepared at all times, and always have an ace in the hole, that essential extra edge, that will prove invaluable in such circumstances. Staying one step ahead of the rest shall not only shield one from enemies, but also provide deadly knowledge that shall lead them into your trap, and impress others who shall marvel at your superior dexterity and ingenuity. This is not paranoia, it is defensive prevention, that shall leave not a scale exposed to the stinging arrows of mortal foes.

There will always be those who deserve to be taken advantage of, even destroyed, providing they prove to be constant pests. They should be swatted like flies. In all, it is YOU who shall be the almighty predator, in a world of deserving victims, tapering your weapons who present a formidable challenge. And as for those who are the preciously innocent, they shall be protected at all costs.

Then there is the fantastic belief that evil takes the forms of terrible incarnations such as literal devils, vampires, werewolves, succubi and incubi, trolls, goblins, ghouls, dragons, and a slew of multiple myths and legends. If this be what stirs the malevolent harbinger of doom into action, then let it flow with the psychodrama of the imagination, expanding your world of realistic fantasy.

Let it be known, that Evil is as pure as goodness. Besides the trivial and meager actions done by the common world, the truest Evil is in that which can influence at a great distance, and move the minds of untold populations. The purest Evil is that done by Magic.

All these hypotheses can be combined to form an omnic idea of the properties of evil. For instance, the ruthless dictator is controlled by his inner monster, to dominate and/or lead his/her country into either an earthly Valhalla, or total oblivion, depending upon how much the monster has taken over. The energies of the monster can either be channeled for positive purposes, or negative ones.

Summon the creature. But be wary. Let it be loosed to devour the earth in a productive manner {i.e., "grab the world by the throat" / take life for all its worth" / "Carpe Diem/Noctem"}. Make the Evil work for you, metamorphosing it into personal good. Your monster shall ead you into many bountiful palaces filled with many splendid pleasures and treasures."

A couple of recently re-discovered pages from The Omnis manuscript, which would eventually evolve into Dracomeroth. Of course, "Good" & "Evil" are completely subjective terms, for what may be affirming to one may not be to another. There is no absolute, total and complete evil, just as there is no absolute, complete and total good, whether ideologically or as some literal deity; such would be product of neurotic human thinking, which those of a blindlight religious mindset are manipulated by, while the white wolves manipulate the masses thereof.

It can be synthesized in Dr. LaVey's explanation of "Good is what you like, Evil is what you don't like", while the 'inner monster', or "Beast" is exercised {not 'exorcised'} for gratification and carnal fulfillment.

The symbol above the article is the Omnigram, which was featured on the cover, displaying an upturned and downturned pentagram interpolated to signify The All-One, "As Above, So Below" materialization of Will, "Good/Evil" potentialities of Magic {be it to help or hinder}, and incarnate in The Sorcerer. The properties are also symbolized in The Sabbatic Baphomet, and Giger's 'Necronomicon' depiction. Plus, it also resembles the atom, which is the substance of the ebb and flow of life moving energies to and fro according to purpose, direction, and intent. ∞